There are two ways to add our community meetings to your personal calendar

Option 1: Start from the Hyperledger Wiki & Use for google calendars and Desktop Calendar (Outlook, iCal)

  1. Visit the Hyperledger Calendar of Public Meetings
  2. Find the next relevant community meeting you would like to attend and add to your calendar, click on it and you will see a link “copy to my calendar”
  3. Click on that link and it will open a separate window or download the invite
  4. NOTE: it will only download/add that one occurrence, if you would like it to repeat regularly, you must select "repeats biweekly", for example, and then hit save.

Option 2: Start from & Use for Desktop Calendars

  1. Visit Hyperledger's Groups
  2. Find your community group in the list (note there are multiple pages). For example
  3. Find "Calendar" within the group as the last item in the side bar on the left
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the calendar and click on button "Subscribe to Calendar"
  5. A window will pop-up with a link you can paste in your browser, which prompt a download of the calendar invite
  6. NOTE: Make sure to check the cadence of the group's meetings as the download may be just for that occurrence and not a recurring invite, in which case you will need to select the cadence and then save