NEW (March 5 2019)
We are pleased to announce that the Honourable Jinny Sims, Minister of Citizens' Services and MLA for 
Surrey-Panorama will be opening our BootCampBC.

We have updated location and menu information as well.


Our move towards a fully digital economy is missing a key piece: a solid digital foundation of trust. We need confidence that the people and businesses we are interacting with are who they say they are. Relationships are fundamental to how we live, work and play together in society. The current suite of technologies that power the Internet have provided a great deal of opportunity, however they were never designed to solve the problem of establishing trustworthy peer to peer relationships.

BootcampBC will dive in and teach you about the Linux Foundations's open source Hyperledger Indy project—a blockchain-based distributed public ledger, purpose-built for decentralized secure and privacy respecting peer-to-peer data exchange (including personal identity).  In this full day session we will look at Indy from both a business and technical perspective, get hands on with the technology and demonstrate the powerful possibilities Indy enables.

Who should attend and why?

Tech leaders, developers, designers, writers, organizers, artists and managers—anyone who wants to learn about blockchain-based identity solutions in general, and Hyperledger Indy in particular. 

If you’re looking for answers for these types of questions:

  • What is “self-sovereign identity”?
  • What business problems are solved with Indy?
  • What is the underlying technology and how does it work?
  • How is this blockchain based technology different than all the others? 
  • What is the Verifiable Organizations Network and BC's recently announced OrgBook BC service?
  • How can you or your organization get involved in Hyperledger Indy based solutions?

Then this bootcamp is for you.

What you will learn

Participants will be introduced to the Linux Foundation's open source Hyperledger Indy project. Indy supports exciting new standards-track technologies such as:

Once introduced to the concepts of self-sovereign identity and the use of DIDs, VCs and ZKPs, participants will gain hands-on experience by building their own Hyperledger Indy agent to verify and issue VCs based on the work of the Government of British Columbia’s Verifiable Organizations Network open source initiative. This is the technology behind the recently announced  OrgBook BC service.

Bootcamp presenters include core maintainers of the Hyperledger Indy and VON open source projects, and representatives of the Sovrin Foundation. The Sovrin Foundation is a non-profit that provides the legal, business and technical framework for the Sovrin Network, a global, public instance of Hyperledger Indy whose nodes are run by a group of (currently) more than 70 organizations around the world. The Sovrin Network is intended to provide a DNS-like public key backbone for the Internet, enabling a new era in online trust that respects privacy and is is highly secure.

How much does it cost? 

The fee for this full-day bootcamp with industry experts is only:

  • $49 for individuals
  • $25 for students

Registration for this event is through EventBrite.


You do not need to register for the #BCTechSummit to attend this event.

Participants must arrange their own hotels and any additional travel.

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