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(Meeting Link: ⁨

APAC/AMER Friendly Time -  0100UTC (

  • 6 pm Monday Los Angeles
  • 9 pm Monday New York
  • 1 am  Tuesday UTC
  • 3 am Tuesday Paris/Berlin
  • 11 am Tuesday Brisbane


  •  Housekeeping
  • General Announcements
    • A few contributors and maintainers from ConsenSys will be at the global forum 
    • Grace is facilitating panel on use-cases on Besu, Lucas is hosting Besu demo 
    • Danno presenting Bonzai demo, Goerli demo, Ethereum layer 2 related to Hyperledger
    • Hyperledger Besu certification survey results are in! 
    • Working on Rocketchat bridge to ConsenSys Discord
    • Working on global Meetups to cross-promote on Hyperledger <> BUIDL network
  • Release updates
  • Work Updates
    • Non-technical contributors to become maintainers

      • Restrictions for maintainers that are non-technical can be recognized
      • Vijay and Sajida have been added as maintainers based on their product leadership
      • We should do a poll in Rocketchat for: (1) what is stopping you from contributing to Besu (2) why are you deterred from contributing to Besu? 
      • Could we incentivize contributors to create more tutorials in a repo for the community? We have quorum-quickstart-dev, but could there be more developer tools for demonstrating privacy/permissioning upon deployment (we need more contributors!)
    • Experimental Bonsai trie benchmark results

      • Karim update: Took over Bonsai work since Danno left
      • Since March 20, we had two mainnet nodes syncing 
      • 1TB vs .5 TB without Bonsi trie improvements 
      • Force node without pruning - 12TB 
      • 50% improvement in storage usage with bonsai enhancements 
    • Post Rayonism update
      • Rayonism went well! 
      • Besu as an execution client was the most stable execution client; top performer! 
      • On Nocturne testnet, we did some things with type transactions, but had very little to do 
      • We integrated with Teku/Prysm/Lighthouse (couldn't get Nimbus up in time) 
      • Had really good results with all four on the second trial
      • Working on getting Besu broader adoption as an execution environment; de facto execution engine for Teku
      • Antoine to assist Gary with Rayonism work (consult)
      • Next -> 
        • No new testnet 
        • Withdrawal and partial withdrawal work
        • ETH1 hardfork will need to happen for next steps
    • ETC
      • Magneto hard fork 
      • Antoine is close with ETC and working on mining improvements using Besu 
        • Besu support for pool methods (reject list, blacklist IPs), more open issues in Github
      • Besu is an ideal client for ETC miners but requires some improvements/ fixed issues 
    • 1559 update
      • Getting close - London configs are in testnets 
      • Doing work with Dimitry and Ari on reference tests 
      • Besu is only ETH1 client that does RPC tests right now
      • Transaction pool modification code is getting difficult to follow 
      • Refactoring code so we can optimize
      • Karim is working on late breaking update 
      • Code freeze right now 
      • Getting everything under the wire for first testnet release June 2nd
      • All things aside: great shape! 
  • Other Business 
  • Open Forum
  • Future Topics
    • Next Besu quarterly report to TSC is scheduled for June 24th

**Recording will be added here after the call 

Passcode: 4p6^Vd=n

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