APAC friendly time




  • Antitrust notice presented
  • General Announcements
    • Devcon (Danno)
  • Releases (Madeline)
    • 1.2.3 is the last one under the pantheon name 
    • 1.3-rc1 next week (25/26 Sept), roadmap at the root
    • Off chance that there may be 1.2.4 because of CI/CD issues
  • Work Updates
    • ETC Proposal - Bob Summerwill
      • Background about Ethereum Classic
      • ETCCooperative is joining EEA and HLP
      • ETCCoop is committed to  long term maintenence
      • Greg Markou from Chainsafe will be doing most of the work
        • looks to be straightforward to patch
        • Gas Pricing will be the biggest bump
        • DAO switch existing is nice.
        • hardforks are noted in the mailing list
      • Danno asked for some wiki docs for what changes are going in.  Noting too far in-depth
        • AR - Greg Markou to add wiki page
      • No questions from the audience
  • Other Business
    • Code Repo has been migrated
    • DCO Edward Evansdiscussed sign off
      • Github has checks in place to ensure
      • DCO is an affirmation that your copyright is usable under Apache 2
      • Just a tag in your commit message, not a GPG commit
    • CI/CD update Joshua Fernandes
      • Still on Jenkins, as hosted by PegaSys/ConsenSys
      • When we shift we will let everyone know
      • We've looked at other options such as Azure Pipelines, look on CI/CD channel in Rocket Chat
    • Initial Maintainers Danno Ferrin
      • Went over what's coming into Maintainers
      • will go into the codebase as Maintainers.md
      • concern about too many maintainers
      • Discussed coding style standards of enforcement
  • No Future topics

AR - Greg

ECIP / Fork NameDescriptionBlock Number
ECIP 1015Gas repricing3,000,000
ECIP 1010Die Hard - Difficult bomb delay3,000,000
ECIP 1039Monetary policy rounding specification5,000,001
ECIP 1041Remove Difficulty Bomb5,900,000
ECIP 1054Atlantis hardfork - Includes Spurious Dragon and Byzantium changes8,772,000