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Bi-weekly AWG


Ram Jagadeesan

Clive Boulton 

Alexander Zhovnuvaty

Chintan Rajvir


Discussed Russia and different business requirements in cryptography driving the development of Iroha.

Cambodia digitalized currency and payment transfers

Digitalized RMB currency and 'off-book' payment transfers between China and Russia (see Beyonce). 

Sawtooth not permitted in Russia because SGX cryptography cc Mic Bowman

India is adopting version 2 of both Fabric and Quorum. e.g. Hyderabad dev team has 30 devs. 8-9 on Fabric, 8-9 on Quorum. 12 or so are shared between F & Q.

Fabric version 2 decouples chain code from the node. This decoupling allows for developers to write custom client/node code in k8s containers for virtual or physical assets with customer-specific business logic  (v2 is much different than Fabric 1.4).  

Discussed version 2 permissioned blockchain projects as a conceptual basis for next-gen business control systems. To supersede federated but siloed ERP built on RDMS. 

Alexander Zhovnuvaty encourages AWG to invite version 2.0 speakers and develop a horizontal/vertical interoperability reference document for HL projects. E.g Fabric to Fabric. v1.4 to v1.4, v2.0 to v2.0 and v1.4 to v2.0 etc. This looks like a higher level 'caniuse' e.g. ( .

HL Cactus has business plugins to address blockchain interop.    


Clive BoultonInicate draft paper version 2 architecture discussion for next-gen ERP 

Ram Jagadeesan please invite speakers of version 2 projects and platforms. 

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