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Bi-weekly AWG


Ram Jagadeesan

Clive Boulton


Privacy/Confidentiality paper is dormant per TSC direction to halt papers for presentations.

Round-robin discussion on federated siloed ERP and supply chain/blockchain agreement on consensus ordering with content-addressable json objects rather than file-based SQL. The current synchronization is by EDI:  ERP ↔ EDI ↔ ERP.  This batch-based integration is often out of sync. 

The 4th generation of the business database is emerging:

  • About 50 years ago ISAM (NoSQL) databases > Cullinet, EPIC, Pick
  • About 30 years ago RDBMS (SQL) databases > Oracle, SAP
  • About 15 years ago BigTable (NoSQL) databases > Amazon, Google
  • About 5 years ago Cloud (NewSQL) databases > Spanner (including DLT)

Is permissioned blockchain best optimized for modern business interoperability or is NewSQL...?


Ram Jagadeesan to reach out for speakers including Deletion on Blockchain & Network partitioning: Deutsche Bahn 

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