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  • Ram Jagadeesan
  • Mic Bowman
  • Hart Montgomery
  • Alex Yakovlev
  • Danno Ferrin
  • Clive Boulton


Self-describing characteristics for blockchain interchain integration and APIs.


  • Does it have finality
  • Key in ledger


  • Bitcoin several billion in mining compute (highly resilient)
    • PoW 51% cost 
  • Altcoins little mining compute (little resilience)

Automated self-describing requirements (not characteristics of one offs)

  • Translation not census co-ordinator
    • How do you identify 
      • Fabric expose identity to API (or reach into for key)
    • How do you query state of ledger
      • Sawtooth meta categories

Use case

  • Switch ownership 
    • not switch chains (still not trivial) 
  • Lever both chains to do swap (smart contracts on both)
    • Degree of trust characteristics
  • Harder swap bitcoin/lightcoin
    • Are chains strong enough (no > 3rd chain)
    • centralize / decentralize
  • IRL 
    • Online house sale (overpriced)
    • Side agreement to sweeten the deal > integrate an additional smart contract on an additional blockchain (degree of trust)


  • IRL
    • Solidity on-contract hashmap > key get hash > salting > key + offset > need to know source code (query does not cost gas)
    • Hyperledger projects read source code or read API...(consider funelling requirements back to projects)  


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  1. What did you guys talk about?

    1. Self describing characteristics for blockchain interchain integration and APIs (notes to follow)