• OOB Issues and Backwards Compatibility
  • PRs
  • Issues
  • Release 0.12.0
  • Status: Adding support in ACA-Py for AnonCreds in W3C Format
  • Status: Upgrading Wallet Types

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Call Time: 9:00 Pacific / 18:00 Central Europe

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Welcome, Introductions and Announcements




  • OOB Invitations Supporting Peer DIDs and Connection Reuse – update on implementation
  • PRs
  • Issues
  • Release 0.12.0, 1.0.0
  • Status: Adding support in ACA-Py for AnonCreds in W3C Format – update fromIan Costanzo 
  • Status: Upgrading Wallet Types – update on implementation
  • Open Discussion

Upcoming Meeting Topics:

Future Topics

  • Sonar Cloud - is this actually working? Add issue to take a look – perhaps Wade or Jason Syrotuck.
  • OpenAPI - Indicio is doing post processing on the OpenAPI file, because what is in the repo is not especially useful.
    • too many values being marked as optional – especially on receipt of results from the Admin API.
    • multiple use of the schema – technically they are optional in other places, but not in the OpenAPI
    • Response schemas aren't enforced allowing for returned values to differ
  • Code coverage reports on ACA-Py

Action items

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