• Aries Mobile Agent Summit

Note: This call was recorded and the recording and chat transcript are at the bottom of the page.


(7AM Los Angeles, 10AM New York, 3PM London, 4PM CET, 18H Moscow)

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Welcome / Introductions


Release Status and Work Updates

  • Aries Protocol Test Suite
  • Aries Agent Test Harness
  • Aries Shared:
  • Aries-CloudAgent-Python
    • 0.7.2 Release being prepared for this week
    • Test cases being run for BBS+ and PE with a few issues found. 
  • Aries-Framework-Go (Troy) #aries-go
  • Aries Mobile Agent React Native
  • Aries-CloudAgent-Pico
  • Aries-SDK-Ruby (Jack)
  • Aries-Framework-DotNet (Tomislav)
  • Aries-Toolbox
  • Aries-SDK-Java
  • Aries-Framework-JavaScript
    • New aries-framework-javascript-ext repository for extensions
      • New package @aries-framework/rest as a rest wrapper around AFJ
    • Work going on for automatic multi indy ledger support
  • Rich Schemas and W3C Verifiable Credentials (Brent & Ken)
  • Aries-MobileAgent-Xamarin (Aries MAX)
  • Ursa


Discussion Topics

  • Aries Mobile Agent Summit
  • Prioritize topics: 
    • Mobile Infrastructure (2)
      • Mobile Verifiers
      • Device Recovery (Backup/Restore/Sync/Rotation to new keys)
      • Secure Element usage
      • SDK / Embedding Agents into existing Mobile Apps
    • Credential UX (3)
      • SVG Cred Display
      • Auto-approval of presentation requests (e.g.: trusted verifier, trusted preset, etc ...)
      • Credential Theming (e.g. Icon, Colors, Description)
      • Revocation implications for Mobile
      • Consequences of Machine Readable Governance on UX
    • Other User Experience (UX) (4)
      • UX of Invitations
      • Exposing errors / details to users & power users (404 and 503 like errors)
        • Unsupported DID Method
      • Glossary - naming conventions - how to hide technicalities in front of user
    • QR / Invitations (1)
      • How are we really going to do deep-links?
      • RFC 496 - Transition to OOB and DID Exchange
      • RFC 700 - sending out-of-band as query parameters and enable redirect back.
      • HTTP Mobile exemptions
    • Security
      • DID method specific
      • Immutability of schema and JSON-LD security issues
      • Biometrics/PIN unlock (overlap with UX)
    • Protocols
      • DIF Credential Manifest attachment (followup from Issue Credential v2 json-ld attachment in AIPv2).
      • DIDComm v2 (and related)
        • DIDComm v2
        • WACI
  • Future sessions - schedule, format, and topics
    • 2 hour meetings weekly
    • task forces - publish agendas, focused on different issues
    • group agenda topics
      • protocol format
      • mobile infrastructure
        • backup
        • secure elements
      • ux topics
        • display creds
        • standardized experiences
    • leverage wiki on topics, discussions on github?
  • Tasks
    • Select regular 2 hour meeting block (sam)
    • wiki / etc infrastructure (sam)

Other Business

Future Topics

Action items

  • Robert Mitwicki  Bring on the next call information about how ACDC address problems of JSON-LD serialization of RDF

Call Recording

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