Planned Topics:

  • Development Updates / PRs
  • The Business Partner Agent (BPA) – An overview from Mines Digital Trust, BC Gov
  • AMA (as time permits)

Recording from the call: 20210921 ACA-Pug Community Meeting Recording.mp4

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Welcome and Introductions


  • Name (Organization) <email>
  • Stephen Curran Stephen Curran (Cloud Compass Computing Inc.) <>


Deployments and Work Updates

  • BC Gov Team
    • Aries-VCR/OrgBook BC Deployment
      • In progress: a multi-tenant OrgBook Issuer
    • Issuer Kit - VCs for OIDC Issuer Service
    • Verification Tutorial – multi-purpose verifier aimed at the general population receiving their first verifiable credential
    • Aries Agent Test Harness work - Results page:
    • BPA - Business Partner Agent for B2B use of VCs
    • AIP 2.0
    • Aries Shared Components – indy-vdr, indy-shared-rs and aries-askar


  • NEW TIME: Every second Tuesday at 8AM Canada Pacific time starting this coming Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2021.
  • Release 0.7.2 PRs merged since 0.7.1
  • The Business Partner Agent (BPA) – An overview from Mines Digital Trust, BC Gov
    • Business Partner Agent is a "wallet for businesses" (and a lot more!) that was started by Bosch - The BC Gov Mines Digital Trust team has been collaborating on BPA to create a way for business in the BC Natural Resources sector to be able to share trusted information about their operation to other businesses (partners, customers, etc.). BPA is built on ACA-Py and is a great demonstration of how Verifiable Credential-based systems can be implemented for complex, business to business use cases.
  • Questions – AMA

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