Project TitleDesign/Development of a mini game to explore decentralized Identity & Payments in Gaming & Metaverse


Primary Focus



This project is meant to serve as a proof-of-concept for implementing decentralized identity and payment rails in the gaming (and by extension a future metaverse) ecosystem. This project has the following distinctive goals: 

  1. Implement a mini game project as a proof-of-concept (POC) that demonstrates use of decentralized identity and payment systems using Hyperledger chains such as Indy & Aries for Identity and Firefly for digital assets. 
  2. Conduct research on existing methods used for identity and payments and how use of Hyperledger blockchains can provide utility functions in such ecosystems
  3. Conduct research and coding on how this game project can implement digital wallets for storing credentials and digital assets using design principles and recommendations from the Open Wallet Foundation

Additional Information

There has been excessive hype about blockchain gaming and the metaverse but little to prove that blockchains provide any meaningful utility to the gaming space. As part of the MESIG gaming subgroup presentations and discussions, we have established that there needs to be peer-reviewed study of the utility that blockchains can provide to the gaming space. Three specific aspects are being considered as potential areas where blockchains can provide meaningful and speculation free value to the gaming space: (a) Identity (b) Payments and (c) Asset Management via digital wallets. 

This project then aims to embark on this POC led research work to design and develop a working game that proves (or disproves) these aspects of blockchain use in the gaming space (and by assumed extension, into the metaverse space). 

Please refer to the MESIG Gaming Community page for further info on initiatives under this area:

Following resource are helpful in understanding principles of decentralized identity and SSI:

Learning Objectives

We expect that the selected mentee will have the opportunity to learn and grow along following specific areas:

  • Solid understanding of how decentralized identity is being explored and implemented using principles of SSI (self sovereign identity) and  ToIP (Trust Over IP)
  • Deep dive into payment systems, real time payments and virtual world payments
  • Strong understanding of how identity and payments work in gaming platforms and how blockchains can help with interoperability between disparate gaming platforms 

Expected Outcome

Here is the expected outcome from this project: 

1) A mini game project that can be used by interested parties to study and extend design patterns for implementation of decentralized identity and payments in gaming space 

2) A three-part research paper with following parts:

a) Introduction to Identity & Payments in Gaming (current landscape & players, major platforms, limitations if any)

b) Deep Dive into Use Cases of Blockchain/Decentralized Technology in Gaming (for identity & Payments)

c) Best Practices, Architectural Frameworks, Design Patterns and Governance for implementing decentralized identity & payments in Gaming

Relation to Hyperledger 

This project aims to work in close collaboration with various Hyperledger projects such as Indy & Aries for identity, Besu as Ethereum client and Firefly for digital assets implementation and bridge to other projects and chains. This project will also involve close coordination with other Linux Foundation communities such OWF and ToIP as well as W3C and Metaverse Standards Forum (for reference on standards). 

Mentee Skills

Following are the expected skills for the mentee to be selected for this project: 

Must have:

  • Strong experience in game design & development and computer engineering
  • At least a strong understanding of blockchain technology if not an expert level 
  • Strong understanding of identity and payment systems as they relate to gaming space

Nice to have: 

  • Research and documentation experience
  • Experience in implementing identity and/or payment rails for games / virtual worlds 

Mentee Open Source Contribution Experience

While open source programming experience is helpful, it is not a must for this position as long as the mentee has a strong understanding of DevOps and systems programming in general

Future plans

This project is expected to lay the foundation for implementing decentralized identity and payments in the vast gaming/metaverse ecosystems which are still being defined. The mentee(s) chosen for this project will have the opportunity to work at the very nexus of identity, payments and open wallet design and demonstrate their skills and technical understanding to the multitude of companies looking for skills in these areas.  

Mentor(s) Names and Contact Info

Sandy Aggarwal,

MESIG Gaming Subgroup Chair

Active Member of Trust Over IP (ToIP) & W3C Community Groups for Identity & Payments