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VER 1.0

OutcomeSmart Contracts Taxonomy

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  • Determine a suitable structure for the taxonomy
  • Capture the relationships inherent in the information
  • Reflect how the information fits into smart contracts usage and scenarios

Mind map

Silas Mind Map WIP

Smart Contracts Taxonomy

Functional RequirementsComputationLaw

Privacy and Confidantiality

  • Differential Privacy
  • Secure Multiparty Computation

Smart Contract Languages

  • Turing Complete
  • Turing Incomplete

Computational Characteristics

Virtual Machines and Runtimes

  • ABIs
  • WASM
    • External Function Calls


  • Dispute Resolution
    • Case Law


  • Human
  • Machine-to-Machine

Formal Methods

  • Halting


  • Versioning
    • Upgradeable


  • Dispute Resolution

AI Driven

  • Oracles

International Treaties


  • Between Smart Contracts
  • Between Engines

RelatesFunctional → ComputationLaw → Dispute ResolutionComputation → Governance


  1. Other than informational, how do you expect this diagram to be used?

    1. It's first and main use will be informational at this point. We also used it as our wiki page categories, in order to gather information about its category of the infographic to group and elaborate on these subjects. This will capture people's interests and focus on specific areas regarding smart contract issues to analyze from a research point of view. If enough members contribute, each one on their own expertise field, these pages can form a whitepaper regarding this taxonomy.

  2. How about ownership or authorship? 

    1. Nice point, can you add these concepts to the infographic or maybe give us some insights to add them ourselves?

  3. Update re: Glossary.  This legal glossary seemed more appropriate in the Law/Contract Law 101 area than in the Smart Contracts General/Smart Contracts Taxonomy area, so I create it there (in Contract Law 101).  It's not really a taxonomy of smart contracts; it's a list of basic legal definitions relevant to (American & British) contract law.  It should help inform concepts related to smart contracts.   A Taxonomy of Smart Contracts is nevertheless essential, and I believe I will have some things to offer there as well.  

    1. Robert what an analytic list! Please do add the concepts, then we can have a discussion on how to integrate them into the mind map. Thank you for your time and effort. Maybe others with law background as Paul Imseihcan help with these concepts too. I remain available to help in any way I can