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The purpose of this page is to share findings from the collaborative input from CA2SIG members to identify goals and objectives for 2021. Findings from the 23 March group brainstorming session with the CA2SIG have been organized into key topics. For each topic, this document provides:

  • A summary of SIG input from the mural session
  • Input from Tom/Martin captured during CA2SIG handoff (where provided)
  • A space for the CA2SIG to identify action steps to be taken in 2021 to help achieve CA2SIG Goals identified.
    • Please add any actions you would like in the blank bullets provided. Please add your name if this is an action that you plan to be responsible for.

CA2 SIG Mural Collaboration Results: Planning for 2021

Please click here to download the full Mural PDF for additional SIG member input including a map sharing where SIG members are from across the world and a deeper dive into the goals/needs that members have for their projects and the skills and experience they bring to the CA2 SIG.

2021 CA2SIG Goals / Action Plan

  1. Develop Use Cases

    1. SIG input from group brainstorming exercise

      1. Present use cases

      2. Gather more use case studies in repository

      3. +1 List of use cases and looking for common denominators

      4. Use Cases

    2. CA2SIG Action to meet Use Case goals for 2021

      1. Find best practices for developing a use cases and add this to the resource page to help offer SIG members a good framework for developing a Use Case. I'm helping build this out for the internship program and will organize it and share it on the resources page for the CA2SIG members as well. - Sherwood

      2. Update pages for active projects - Si - Please help expand and standardize them as an example

      3. Additional CA2SIG Action?
      4. Additional CA2SIG Action? 
  2. Develop Proof of Concept (POC)

    1. SIG input from group brainstorming exercise

      1. First PoC together with a real customer

      2. Run a Hyperledger Fabric network that is open for other people to use and join (and use

      3. Show a real impact of project using metrics people understand!

      4. Creation of Demos

    2. CA2SIG Action to meet Proof of Concept goals for 2021
      1. Launch utility emissions tokens network and DAO to record member CO2 emissions and onboard offsets - Si 
      2. Additional CA2SIG Action?
      3. Additional CA2SIG Action?
  3. Facilitate the development of Standards

    1. SIG input from group brainstorming exercise

      1. Standards

      2. Collaborating with regulatory bodies for defining standards and specifications for carbon credits and what is happening out there in climate action and accounting

      3. Come up with block-chain based accounting standards for carbon accounting

      4. Capital Markets SIG has a nice taxonomy. Use to solve the large puzzle of climate

    2. Additional Input from Tom/Martin during CA2 SIG handoff:

      1. Pick one standard Gap that is needed. For example, there is no specific standard about how to append a carbon value to a renewable energy certificate (on/or) guarantee of origin.

      2. The value is the ability to run through the process of getting there.

      3. Clear value proposition to organizations and SME's to participate and lend resources and support.

      4. Once that has been navigated, the SIG can use it’s new SME to  develop an approach for groups doing the same thing for different GAPS (and perhaps even an overarching plan of GAPS to fill (at the same time)

      5. Interesting scope of work to explore would be standardizing the digitization of the ‘V” in MRV. (Almost always the ‘V’ is being excluded within the process of climate action accounting).

    3. CA2SIG Action to facilitate the development of Standards goals for 2021
      1. Hyperledger best practices for developing a use case.

      2. CircularTree has run a successful supply chain pilot with Porsche and is interested in solving standards issue(s). Reach out to them to see if they would be interested in presenting their Standards related challenge on a CA2SIG call and explore whether the SIG offers a good home to tackle this real world challenge?  - Sherwood 

      3. Additional CA2SIG Action?
      4. Additional CA2SIG Action?
  4. Grow membership & build the capacity of the CA2SIG

    1. SIG input from group brainstorming exercise

      1. Increase the number of contributors and volume of activity
      2. Develop new projects and actively recruit new members to actively work on
      3. Develop issues (prompts) for every project for members to work on 
      4. What are the GAPS / project needs that the CA2 SIG is uniquely positioned to take on
    2. Additional Input from Tom/Martin during CA2 SIG handoff:
      1. Gender Diversity (and diversity in general) - how can the CA2 SIG become more diverse/inclusive? David says that there is a Hyperledger focus on gender/diversity
      2. Plan communications to support ongoing awareness building activities for climate accounting and CA2 SIG projects (Sherwood)
      3. A good Goal for 2021 would be to triple the # of CA2 SIG members, double the number of working groups. Let’s strive for more products and outputs. (More additional calls for WGs and projects]).
    3. CA2SIG Action to grow and expand the CA2 SIG in 2021
      1. Engage with David about Hyperledger resources for improving diversity and report back to the SIG - Sherwood
      2. Introduce the CA2 SIG to more diverse groups
      3. Promote CA2 SIG to other Hyperledger Groups, invite them to CA2SIG meetings/presentations, flag prompts relevant to their interests.- Sherwood
      4. Pursue opportunities to develop a project with multiple LF participants from other groups (e.g. - supply chain, finance, climate accounting..etc.) - Sherwood
      5. Work with project maintainers to develop "non-technical" prompts and establish new channels for attracting contributors with different skill sets - Sherwood
      6. Additional CA2SIG Action?
      7. Additional CA2SIG Action?
  5. Build awareness about climate accounting and establish CA2SIG thought leadership around it

    1. SIG input from group brainstorming exercise

      1. Establish thought leadership in the emerging climate accounting ecosystem

      2. Awareness about climate change and how the project could be impactful in the domain among open source society.

      3. Put process in place to establish CA2 SIG presence/presentations at climate change related conferences this year

      4. Contribute learning materials

    2. Additional Input from Tom/Martin during CA2 SIG handoff:

      1. Develop scalable strategy for sharing out work that is topical to different Linux group (Sherwood to discuss with David)

      2. Encourage SIG members to recommend speakers for the SIG by offering a clearer approach, how to set it up, ex: Here is how you organize the speaking event, here is the process. 
    3. CA2SIG Action to build awareness about climate accounting and establish thought leadership

      1. Create a wiki page for SIG members to share upcoming opportunities/events to identify conferences/events that SIG members may be interested in attending. Sherwood

      2. Identify potential for SIG speaking opportunities, panels, webinars to participate in and put process in place for submitting speaking submissions. - Sherwood, Goal: 4 CA2SIG speaking events/webinarsSherwood

      3. Develop list of topics that SIG Members feel should be addressed. Provide support for getting these published.
      4. Si, Kamlesh, Karolina and Robin proposed a panel discussion at the Hyperledger Global Forum “How Blockchain is helping to achieve sustainable development goals - Climate, Environment and Circular Economy” -Robin. Is there an action to mitigate the perception of blockchain being harmful to sustainability due to its carbon impact? How is this impact mitigated? I heard this perception from someone working in sustainability in my Carbon Removal Academy group

      5. Overcome misconception that blockchain (rather than just Bitcoin and Ethereum POW) is energy intensive and environmentally harmful. - Si
      6. Put together brief "intro the CA2 SIG / Climate Accounting Presentation - Sherwood (with input from others)
      7. Additional CA2SIG Action?
  6. Build Coalitions

    1. SIG input from group brainstorming exercise

      1. Move towards building a network representing active participation from all stakeholders in the climate accounting framework value chain

      2. Reach out other technical communities (Ethereum and A.I for example)

    2. Additional Input from Tom/Martin during CA2 SIG handoff:

      1. Climate is overarching, speak in the language of the different industries (energy, finance, etc... ) and showcase climate accounting through the lens they view the world. Target POC’s to their industry (ex: energy and finance).
      2. What are the specific goals for Coalition Building? Suggest that WG/SIG should first undergo a self-assessment to identify its goals. Then it will be more clear which options for organizations/individuals should be contacted
      3. Explore a pilot project that can bring in multiple stakeholders into the climate accounting space, but relevant to their business, ex: energy & finance.
      4. Collaboration with other Linux groups should be a high priority. .
      5. Groups in the Hyperledger world that have been really good maintainers of projects, where we can make the climate link and get them involved because they bring in that open source practice / knowledge / experience to us.
      6. Look within the Hyperledger / Linux world Hyperledger Indy, Aries, Fabric Group or other SIGS - they all see the environmental connection  
    3. CA2SIG Action to build Coalitions in 2021

      1. Engage with the CCC. CA2 SIG has just become a member and has invited CCC members to join the CA2 SIG.  Explore how to best coordinate CA2 SIG updates to the CCC, and vice versa. - Sherwood

      2. CA2 SIG should consider collaboration opportunities with the CCC and other groups in the climate space.

      3. Should we make a presentation to the CCC about our group?  - Si

      4. Additional CA2SIG Action?
      5. Additional CA2SIG Action?
  7. Map the ecosystem / value chain

    1. SIG input from group brainstorming exercise

      1. Map the puzzle

      2. Map the potential business models / incentive / value exchange that could be used to launch and expand a global accounting framework

    2. Additional Input from Tom/Martin during CA2 SIG handoff:

      1. Learned that ecosystem mapping requires a tremendous amount of resources and varied expertise. (Mackenzie would hire an army of consultants to drive this). 

    3. CA2SIG Action to Map the ecosystem / value chain in 2021

      1. Additional CA2SIG Action?
      2. Additional CA2SIG Action?
  8. Explore how to develop a data commons

    1. SIG input from group brainstorming exercise

      1. Data commons repositories, agree with you all

      2. Publish a data common on climate

    2. CA2SIG Action to build a data commons in 2021
      1. Additional CA2SIG Action?
      2. Additional CA2SIG Action?

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