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  • Team should be registered as per the instructions prior to the event. Unregistered entries will not be considered.
  • Participants of the event are those who submit at least one document as their proposal to solve the problem statement.
  • Each team can have maximum of upto 4 members and minimum of 1 member.
  • Following personnels cannot compete in the HyperHack
    • Volunteer
    • Organizer
    • Sponsor
  • Teams who have any affiliation with a member of the jury ARE ALLOWED to participate in the Hackathon. HOWEVER, they must disclose their affiliation before judging commences so that the concerned jury member can recuse himself/herself and keep the competition fair to the other teams.  
  • Your submission must utilise one of the existing Hyperledger projects.
  • All the presentation materials, design documents, code etc. must be prepared during the event.
  • The team owns the materials (including code) produced during the event. Each team is free to decide what to be done with the materials. For example, leave it at that state, open-source the materials, continue working on the project in stealth mode. The code must be made available (privately if required) to the jury panel for evaluation.
  • A team can use the currently available open source solutions in their submission. However, note that your team will be evaluated based on the novelty part or the extension to the already available solution.
  • A well written document, know-how and the presentation carries additional score.
  • Submissions are to be done on or before the deadline of the event. Any submissions after the deadline will not be considered. If you're facing difficulty then please send an email to the India chapter mailing thread. Volunteers/Organizers will reach you out.
  • Each team will have to prepare a product pitch proposal. Upon further qualification to the next round a presentation with a demo is expected.
  • Teams can use the platform of their choice for the Hackathon.
  • All the Q&A/discussions/clarification will be done via the Hyperledger India chapter mailing list. Participants are encouraged to subscribe to it if not already done


InaugurationSaturday, March 06, 2021
Proposal Submission DeadlineSunday, March 21, 2021
Finalists announcedMonday March 29, 2021
Presentations to the JurySaturday, April 03 2021, 7:00 AM - 9:15 AM IST
Results announcedMonday, April 05, 2021


For the elimination round:

  • The application must be complete. No code is expected at this stage, however a written proposal or a slide set is expected.
  • Judging criteria:
    • Quality and uniqueness of the proposal: 50% weightage
    • Relevance and potential impact: 50% weightage
  • Points awarded in the elimination round DO NOT carry forward to the final round.

For the final round:

  • Each team will be given 5 minutes to present their idea and demonstrate a working solution. This will be followed by a 5 minute Q&A session with the jury.
  • The jury must be provided access to the code developed by the team (The code need not be made publicly available/visible) 
  • Judging criteria:
Quality and uniqueness of the idea20%
Relevance and potential impact35%
Domain knowledge of the team10%
Completeness/Readiness of the solution35%


Each submission is to be evaluated individually. Use a point scale of 10 for the scores. With 10 being the highest and 0 being the least. Scores can have decimal points.

Only 2 digits are considered in the aggregated score. The decimal point is rounded off to the nearest number to arrive at the final score upon aggregation.

There is no mandate on scoring a submission. However, average score from the other jury is given to that particular submission. This is to keep the healthy competitive environment and give benefit of doubt to the submission.

Jury scores are not shared with each others.

Jury gets 2 days after the event to finalize their scores.

Jury is free to ask additional questions to the team.

Jury is free to choose the evaluation criteria. We decided this because there are personal preferences where one could be good in evaluating presentation, one on innovation aspect, one on the tech stack used, one can infact choose all of these criteria for evaluation. Every jury will be individually evaluating the projects. It is advisable to fixup the criteria you as a jury want to evaluate a project. Here's a guidance format for reference 


There is no registration fee for participating in the HyperHack. However, registration is must.

Hyperledger or the India community members will never reach you out seeking your personal information. Beware of fraudulence. For the benefit of the participants the names of the organizers are published in the wiki page.

There's zero tolerance towards malpractice. If you or your team are found to be breaking any of these rules and regulations then the entire team gets disqualified.

The decision made by the jury panel is final.

Jury panel is discouraged from influencing their peers. Participants may seek additional evaluation information through the community channels. However, the request is evaluated case by case basis to not overwhelm jury with the requests.

Participants are discouraged from contacting the jury panel directly. If any such incidents are found, then the entire team will be held responsible and the scores will be disqualified.

Participants sending personal messages to the Organizers/Volunteers/Sponsor during the event is strictly prohibited. Use the India chapter mailing list for all the discussions. Notify the mailing list to let organizers/volunteers know that your team requires a direct contact because of the privacy concerns.


By participating in the hackathon, you agree to abide by the following

All the organizers, volunteers, sponsors and the jury are expected to show respect to other individuals or team.

The event is open for anybody interested to participate in. Hyperledger or the India chapter does not discriminate based on any factor.

Harassment of any kind as deemed inappropriate by the authorities (government, corporate etc.) is not allowed. Hyperledger and the India chapter is not liable even if you are not found guilty.

Failure to comply with any of the above, your team will be disqualified.

Comments or questions?

Please send an email to the Hyperledger India chapter mailing address .

Add a comment here in the Wiki and notify all.

Note: These points are subject to changes. However, the changes would be to add additional points or clarify with detailed description where necessary.

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