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Discussion items


Member Summit Sessions
There was no particular discussion in this meeting.

Ursa JS binding follow-upHartThere was no particular discussion in this meeting.
20 min

Call for Ad-hoc Topics

(Ledger-plugin collaboration)

Peter, Shingo

This session is hold by reflecting Peter's PR #278 (fabric-connector).

In order to accelerate ledger-plugin collaboration, we should make a preparation of test tools and docker containers.

Shingo will review Peter's fabric-connector and make a draft preparation.

30 minPull requests

Peter, Shngo, Takuma 

PR #258  - Pending request from Shingo

PR #272  - Approved 

PR #273  - Approved 

PR #274  - Approved 

PR #275  - Pending request from Shingo 

PR #281  - Pending request from Peter

  package.json will be fixed in order to reflect on the existing cactus package.json

Action items

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  1. Takuma Takeuchi Shingo Fujimoto Please also review #276, #277 and #278 (the action items above only mentioned #275)