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Over the past few months, our world has been turned upside down. Every action and interaction we had once considered “normal” has become the very thing that the COVID-19 virus preys on. Gatherings or social interactions as simple as hand shaking have been banned. It is in times like these that really make us re-evaluate the way we view and interact within this world.

The world we once knew was built around human interaction. We bought our coffee from the local coffee shop around the corner. We work in our creativity inducing open office spaces. Everything we did was centralized on that human to human connection. And COVID-19 has attacked the core of our society, shifting our interactions to be distributed, as companies adopt work from home policies, restaurants limited to take-out only services, and even our electricity consumption pushed to the residential edge. It is inevitable to wonder the long-term impacts of this global pandemic.

Blockchain technology may be a key to enable the paradigm shift of the social fabric we know of today. [add more]

If the 2008 economic crisis is any indicator of the future, it led to the inception of Airbnb in 2008, Uber in 2009, WhatsApp in 2009, Groupon in 2008, Github in 2008, Slack in 2009, and many more. With the current pandemic and ongoing social trends, the discussion topics below are meant to serve as an idea generator on how blockchain technology may serve as an enabling technology for social good in these unpredictable times.

(Idea, using story of what the future could be?, dystopia)

Decentralized society is the co I mentioned that is working to reallocate food waste

  • Changing energy generation and consumption profiles Nancy Min
  • Identity – covid-tracking transitioning from tracking cases of COVID to tracking folks that have been immunized
  • Healthcare – hippa regulations, increased efficiency
  • Waste management – rewards management and contracts, PFAS Shawn Wilborne

Efficiently allocating resources

Transparent Philanthropy and Humanitarian Aid

  • Donations
  • Benefit tracking and matching

PPE procurement for countries

Cashless, digital currency

Digital financing for SDGs – report released last week

“People’s Money: Harnessing Digitalization to Finance a Sustainable Future” -

Volunteer tracking:

Marc Liberati

Immutable Governance

  • Voting
  • Social Justice

Policy and regulatory implications - consortium governance especially inconsideration of scaling up

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