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You are here want to learn & explore, build a perspective blockchain in social impact and meet others in the process

You want to contribute by:

WorkstreamsWorkstream DescriptionLead(s)Team Members
Whitepaper: Drafting white papers
  1. Identify new topics
  2. Development of whitepaper

Adam Lambert

Ric Shreves

Leila Yosef

Bobbi Muscara

Alissa Worley

Research: Use Cases and Best Practices
  1. Identify, cull, highlight resources on use cases and best practices
  2. Determine what is available and missing from existing resources
  3. Add to existing resources or create our own
  4. Share lessons learn through a blog, solution brief, whitepaper, database, etc. This may include own POV on this technology in the space

Community Liaison
  1. Identify groups/communities that may help inform, knowledge share, or lessons learned

It is important to you that we…be a thought leader to shape the technology, shape standards, consider environmental impacts, and understand what is being done already

You want to do the above currencies, aid/philanthropy, supply chain, and best practices in implementation

And so first we will...define use cases, best practices, identify project proposals in proposed areas, and start a white paper on the above

Please review the results here:


  • EdX developing a course and needs examples–may be an output of our research group Bobbi Muscara
  • WorldVision: mexico and timor leste use case Alfonso Govela
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