The Indy Interop-athon is a two-day virtual event to define the work needed in Indy and Aries to make "network of networks" a reality for Indy DID Utility instances.


The purpose of this community design event is to bring members of the open source identity community together for two days of focused effort to enable the following use case:

As a prover, I want to be able to create a proof that includes claims from credentials rooted in different Indy networks that a verifier can verify so that I can easily interact with issuers using different Indy networks.

We'll start by exploring the use case and collecting the various ways that the use case can be addressed. Is it an appropriate use case? What is possible in the short term? What if we focus on the long term?  In doing that, we'll consider things like DID method specifications, enabling ledger-independent transactions, KERI, name-spacing, governance frameworks at Layers 1 and 3 of the ToIP stack and other ideas from the community. We'll also talk about other DID ledgers and how that might affect what is to be done in Indy. Once we've looked at the options, we'll narrow down to one that provides a relatively straight-forward path to implementation (with testing) that will remain viable for a reasonable period of time. The tricky part will be agreeing on what "relatively" and "reasonable" mean in this context. From there, we'll finish the collaboration by defining the technical work to be carried to enable the use case.

And then, the really fun part. Finding resources to do the work to make this use case a reality.

The scope of the conference is deliberately constrained, and we may get through the topic in less than the allotted time. If that happens will decide to stop or move on to other topics.


Tuesday September 1 - Wednesday September 2, 2020 on Zoom

Based on the time zones information provided by the participants, the conference sessions will start at 7AM Eastern US/1PM Central European and go for 6 hours per day.


Sessions will be held virtually, using Zoom, and documented using shared Google Docs. The Google Docs will be collected and put into this Wiki, mostly in this section.

Who Should Attend

Crucial to the success of this exercise is the participation of those in the community involved in building and deploying solutions based on Indy networks. We need to achieve consensus on how to proceed. That includes Indy developers, Aries framework developers, and those building applications on top of Aries and using Indy verifiable credentials.

It is highly recommended that people with a deep understanding of the technical aspects of the Hyperledger identity projects should attend this event. However, all contributors, maintainers, and community participants interested in these topics are welcome to attend, especially those with specific deep technical knowledge to contribute towards the development of Hyperledger Indy and Aries.

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