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To build a fully distributed citizens pulse platform for state/city councils using Hyperledger Fabric


  • An end-to-end working solution (Finland region):
    • Enrolled users are able to create topic, create comment, poll vote
    • Enrolled users are able to modify/delete one's own topic, comment, vote
  • API Server
    • accepting incoming requests + delegating to Fabric
    • maintaining DB, Scheduler
  • Client side: Web (React) and Mobile Application (Flutter)
  • Adding functional tests to web components
  • Github Actions
    • Adding CI, code coverage
    • Automating release cycles via versioning
  • Documentation with diagrams on GitHub


The tentative timeline is as follows:



Week 1 - Week 3 

  • Introduction and kick-start project plan
  • Familiarising with latest version updates in Fabric
  • Discussion over architecture
  • Listing requirements and features of the platform
  • Creating a simple network mimicking the MVP
    • Setting up Private Data Collection and interacting with node-sdk

Week 4 - Week 6

  • Writing chaincodes to invoke actions (upvote/downvote, poll-complete)
  • Creating a API server for the client to interact
  • Working on additional features for user and council
Checkpoint 1 (July 10, 2020)1st Quarter Evaluation
Week 7 - Week 9
  • Incorporating the network with Web UI
  • Setting up functional tests and CI for API and backend
  • Documentation
Week 10 - Week 12
  • User registration and fabric-ca certificate translation
    • User deletion and deactivation [Feature on hold]
  • Architecture and demo preparation for HL Labs Submission
Checkpoint 2 (August 21, 2020) Midterm Quarter Evaluation
Week 13 - Week 15
  • Developing a mobile application for the platform
  • Documentation
Week 16 - Week 18
  • Working on additional features
    • commenting on council proposal
    • editing comments
  • Introducing more user functionalities in the network + writing Chaincode
  • Adding functionality for downloadable reports
  • Documentation
Checkpoint 3 (October 2, 2020)3rd Quarter Evaluation
Week 19 - Week 21
  • Insights and reports for closed plans
  • Adding code-coverage and release workflows
  • Setting up functional tests for web-ui
  • Documentation
Week 22 - Week 23
  • Completing documentation
  • Writing Medium blogpost
  • Presentation and Demo recording
  • Wrapping up with any pending work/feature
Checkpoint 4 (November 13, 2020)Final Evaluation 

Newly suggested features will also be incorporated during the course of the project.


  • Quarter basis review according to Hyperledger Internship Programme schedule
  • Internal communication and updates:
    • Telegram/Email for communication
  • Weekly zoom call with mentor for project updates
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