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Thursday, June 11th, 4pm GMT (7pm EAT / 6pm CAT / 5pm WAT)

Thursday, June 18th, 4pm GMT (7pm EAT / 6pm CAT / 5pm WAT)

Moderated by Idowu Akinde (5mn)


1/ Increasing Supply Chain efficiency, (20mn) by Uchenna Ogbonna 

Covering Supply Chain challenges from an African perspective and exploring opportunities for Blockchain to increase efficiency and transparency.

2/ Fabric network overview, (20mn) by Oumar FALL

The focus of this technical presentation is the Hyperledger Fabric project—its components, design, reference architecture, and overall enterprise readiness.

The goal is to build an understanding of the inner functioning of a Fabric network, the information flow.

3/ Q&A and closeup

by Idowu Akinde (wink)



Template for announcing in your local meetup groups:

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  1. Hi

    Let me know if you need me to assist

    Oumar, do you want to start putting an agenda together (Like the one we had for HL Africa #0)

    We can all add and make suggestions, also have a look at HLA #0 for "Back log of topics"  by the other members

  2. Thank you Joubert Cilliers. It would be my honor if you could help.

    I will look at the topics backlog in HLAfrica #0 see who can help. Feel free to edit the wiki (wink).

    1. May I suggest to also focus on new 2.0 functionality (especially around network / chaincode governance)

  3. May 28 is approaching fast:

    Oumar FALL , can we still count on your session? Do you want us to support you and / or bounce your ideas wrt. the content?

    Everyone: What's your opinion: focusing on a single (technical) session, or do we perhaps want to accompany it with an additional project / use case presentation to max out at 1h?

    1. Yes I'm still in!

  4. Hi Team

    If time allows, maybe first part of meeting Project discussion (Real World) and second half specific technical discussion

    This will allow not technical members to leave meeting ...

    1. Thank you Joubert Cilliers for the suggestion. Who want to moderate it?  cc Idowu Akinde Eddie Kago ?

      1. Joubert Cilliers : That's a great idea - combining technical discussions with non-technical.

        Oumar FALL : That's alright - I can moderate.

        Are we not running late already? We have just about 10 days left in this month.

        1. No problem, imho. In our experience, people don't plan more than a couple of days ahead for virtual meetups.

          We've sorted the technical part - suggestions for the business / project part? I remember one comment in our mail thread a while ago, asking about presenting their learnings...

          1. Found it... it was Uchenna Ogbonna:

            ...  i have a topic/discussion that i can discuss on which is the benefits of Blockchain on Supply Chain Practice.

          2. Gerhard Dinhof and Idowu Akinde – I agree that for virtual meetups we can promote this out closer to the event.  It is getting close to the 28th though, so I can start promoting this out as soon as there is a page up to point people to.  Let me know when you do have an event page up and I'll start sharing it out.

  5. There will be no meeting tomorrow then..

    1. If the group wants to pick a new date for this, I'll be happy to help.

    2. Allow me to support (smile)

      As of now, there are no HL Meetups scheduled for next week. The week after, Tuesday / Wednesday (June 9/10) are already quite crowded.

      Hence two proposed dates to choose from:

      • Thursday, June 4
      • Thursday, June 11

      Oumar FALL , Idowu Akinde Which of those dates suits you best? Will reach out to Uchenna Ogbonna via mail, if he perhaps wants to present his project for the non-technical session.

      1. I am interested in presenting the Non-Technical session which will be focused on Supply Chain Practices.

        1. Excellent - highly appreciate your conrtribution, Uchenna Ogbonna.

          Which of the two dates suits you better?

          Let's work on the title and 1-2 lines of description: Is it a particular project? Which technology? Any particular industry or Supply Chain in General?....

      2. Thursday, June 11th is fine by me.

        I will be discussing Supply Chain as a practice and how blockchain can help in making it more effective as a practice.

        1. Excellent... let's lock-in June 11th, then. I'm setting the same time as originally discussed and put you into the spotlight for the first part, Uchenna Ogbonna.

          Feel free to modify the Wiki page yourself, too, detailing your talk. Thanks a mil, again, for your contribution!

          1. Gerhard Dinhof – glad to hear a time has been set.  Let me know when in the day you are planning and I can get a Zoom account reserved.  And when the event has been posted to one or more of the meetup groups in Africa, let me know and I'll start promoting it.

            1. David Boswell Locked in: Thursday, June 11th, 4pm GMT (7pm EAT / 6pm CAT / 5pm WAT)

              Agenda has been agreed, speakers assigned (find at the top)

              Session outline to be completed (Uchenna OgbonnaOumar FALL - kindly ask for one, two sentences to describe your talk)

              (/cc Idowu Akinde )

              1. Gerhard Dinhof – Great, glad to hear that the details have been set.  I've reserved a Zoom account for this and have put this on the community calendar.  You can use:


                I'll also send you an email with all of the Zoom account details so you'll have it to run the event.  Note that I have a conflict at that time with another call, so I won't be able to make it to this.  If you could please record it locally and then send me the file after, I'll post it to YouTube.  This also is a conflict with the wiki improvement group, so I'll cancel that meeting for that week.

                And when we get a meetup page posted with the speakers, agenda and dial-in details, I'll start helping promote this out.

  6. Hello guys (**has anyone else noticed that we don't have any ladies here?**),

    I'm sorry - my attention was diverted by a few emergencies so I haven't been participating much.

    Oumar FALL - Worry not, bro. As you can see, another date is being prepared, so it's just a delay, not a denial.

    Uchenna Ogbonna - glad you took this by the horn. Let me know what you need and I'll support you.

    Gerhard Dinhof - thanks for your assistance.

    David Boswell - thanks for all your support.

    Let's keep firing, guys. Personally, I prefer that we pick dates that are earlier in the month because there appears to be a rush for dates toward the end of every month.

    Thank you.

    1. Good to know Idowu. Will definitely keep in touch. Cheers!

    2. Ouch... hope things have been sorted and you're well, my brother.

      Wrt Ladies... we're getting there.

      Keep well!

  7. Hi Team

    Apologies from my side as well, had to take care of some stuff (smile)

    Glad to see we have new date , let me know if I can assist.

    Happy to help moderate again, keep the flow going.

    I will put together a banner we can put up before session start (You Tube and Zoom)

    1. Cool, thanks Joubert Cilliers

      You might consider using   for the banner (src: Meetup Organizer's Guide)

  8. Thanks Gerhard Dinhof Will edit with Meeting details and share with Team (smile)

  9. Some Ideas

    Maybe add Speakers Countries/Cities ?

    1. Thank you Joubert for the work done. Some remarks:

      1. I suggest putting Hyperledger "Africa" not "Virtual Africa"
      2. +1 to cite countries
      3. the pictures are the other way around (smile)

      I can do the modifications if you agree!

      1. Sorry will swap Photos (smile)

        Add Cities and Change to Africa Only

      2. Please confirm Cities and Countries (Before I make more mistakes)

        1. I'm from Senegal!

          1. Joubert Cilliers – thanks again for putting those banner images together.  i just used one of those for a post on Hyperledger's Twitter and LinkedIn accounts about the meetup.  I hope this helps bring more people to the event.  And everyone is encourage to retweet the post at:

  10. Morning Team

    Uchenna Ogbonna what city, country you in ?

    Want to up date banner

    1. I suggest removing thoses informations for now! You could put them back when Uchenna surface again...

    2. Hello all, sorry for the late reply.

      I reside in Lagos, Nigeria.



    1. can we have a higher resolution, please (smile)

      1. Joubert Cilliers – Thanks for putting these graphics together.  They look great.  I'll be happy to use these to share out about the event, but I don't see an event page to point people to.  There's not much time left to promote this out, so can we please get an event page on at least one of the meetup groups in Africa soon?

          1. Gerhard Dinhof – thanks for posting that event page.  I just shared a link to that page to the more than 2,600 people who are members of Hyperledger meetups in Africa.  I'll also post about this on Hyperledger's Twitter and LinkedIn accounts later this week.

            And apologies again but I have a conflict at this time and won't be on the call.  If anyone has questions about how to run the Zoom account as host and record the call, let me know and we can talk before then.

            1. As always, we highly appreciate your relentless support, David. Don't stress, we're going to handle Zoom + the recording. Good luck and chat soon.

          2. And the Nigeria event page is at:

            Thank you David BoswellGerhard Dinhof and Joubert Cilliers for all the hard work you put into this. It doesn't go unnoticed.

    1. Joubert Cilliers – Thanks for posting this on these meetup groups.

      Everyone else is encouraged to post this as an event on your group as well.

      And if there is anything else I can do to help prepare for the event, please let me know.

  11. Good Morning all,

    Thank you all for your input towards the upcoming meetup on the 11th of this month.

    #Appreciation Post

  12. Hi Team

    Seem like one of my message was not up loaded successfully ..

    I was suggesting that Ucenna and Idowu send their presentations to me

    This will be as backup plan, in case we have bandwidth issue, in which case I will be able to share form my side

    Let me know what you think ??

    1. This is fine Joubert.

      Will send it immediately.



  13. The presentation has been sent. Kindly confirm receipt.


  14. Updated Presentation Pictures! Kindly let me know what you all think!

    1. Hi Already shared the previous one (smile)

      You go ahead and use the new one for your sharing

      Oumar FALL You going to send me your presentation for backup plan ??

      1. Hello sorry!

        I'm finalizing it (smile). Will send it before we start at

  15. Idowu Akinde  Are you going to do the introduction/welcoming today ?

    I can do the sharing of presentations and help in background as backup

  16. For all intent an purpose, I am connected to skype. My ID is oumar-fall. cc Joubert Cilliers

  17. Hi Team

    I received both presentations now

    I will have them open ready to share in case we have bandwidth issues

    I suggest we should not share video will presenting, only voice

    1. Please upload the decks to the HL Community Google Drive folder created for this meetup: 

        1. Done. Please confirm that you can open it now...

    2. Hello Joubert Cilliers,

      I added you to the folder containing my slides on Google Drive.

      You should have received an email notification by now...

  18. I have uploaded all 3 presentation to

    I have them open on my side, and can share in case of bandwith

    Suggest all speakers try first from their side, I will share if we run into problem (Gerhard can see presentation HL Gdrive as well)

  19. Hello guys,

    Shame we had to end the meeting today.

    Turns out we could have taken care of that embarrassment by following this guy's advice - my curiosity led me here: 

    1. Idowu Akinde – yes, disabling screen sharing is definitely an option.  Unfortunately it sounds like there was also abusive behavior in the chat and over audio, so disabling screen sharing isn't all we'll need to do in future situations like this.

      1. Yes, I agree that there was more than one vector of attack: scribbles (on video), offensive audio, and offensive text (via chat).

        The "resolution" I referred to in the above video is that of revealing the identity of the person currently scribbling (via a setting in the host's admin panel), and in retrospect I realize that would not have addressed all 3 vectors of attack.

        Nevertheless, the setting I speak of is between the 2:15 marker and the 3:27 marker in the above video.


  20. I propose we hold an internal "Lessons Learnt" session.

    Perhaps we can learn some lessons from David - if he's experienced this before - or we can recommend elevated security settings for that Zoom account when running future sessions.

    This will require that we designate one or two people as the moderator(s) of these meetings, and train them on the security settings of Zoom.

    Be not dismayed, guys. Either we win or we learn!

    1. We could train with a fake Zoom call maybe

      1. Absolutely.  We can schedule a call with all of the meetup organizers in Africa and try some of the moderation options so that everyone is familiar with the moderation tools.  Please feel free to let me know when you'd like to meet.

        1. Yes David Boswell, that makes sense.

          Perhaps someone could also update the Zoom administration guide that you shared (Managing Zoom Meetings) with the settings for revealing annotators' identities?

          1. Idowu Akinde – Yes, it would be great to make the guide more useful for situations like these.  Feel free to make edits to the wiki page or leave comments on the page or send me suggested text to include.

              1. To follow up on this, we discussed this incident among staff and decided to turn off screen annotation by default on the Hyperledger Zoom accounts.  I haven't seen meetup organizers make use of this feature much and it is clearly open for abuse, so that seems like the right decision.  If this is a feature you're interested in for a future call, we can look at enabling it on an as needed basis.

                1. Completely agree. Please go ahead.

                2. Thank you David Boswell.

                  To @All:

                  1. The above measure (i.e. disabling annotations by default) addresses the first vector of attack (i.e. scribbling on screen), but in order to address the other vectors (audio abuse and chat abuse), I wonder if converting these meetings to webinars (where no participant - except the hosts - gets to speak) is an overkill?
                  2. I've been a participant in a good number of these "webinar-style" meetings and am only just seeing the wisdom in running these meetings as such after today's events.

                  3. Perhaps another approach would be to force each intending participant - going forward - to register with their email addresses and receive a uniquely-generated invitation link that we can use to identify them in a post-event analysis?


                  1. Idowu Akinde – those are good suggestions and we should consider those.  I think it is going to be a balance between preventing this from happening again while still allowing community members to participate in discussions in a call.  Ideally we do want people using the audio, chat and other features in respectful ways and we don't want to have just a broadcast of information out to people.

                    I would say let's find time to meet as a group to review the Zoom moderation options and also to discuss what other settings we want to use for a future call.  As you say, maybe it does make sense to require people to register in advance to join the call, although even that could still be open to abuse if people register with fake names and fake email addresses.

                    1. Happy with that approach. What about putting this topic on the agenda for next month's monthly meetup organizer call, David Boswell? Given the current worldwide social unrest, chances for similar disruptions in other parts of the world are likely, too. 

                      Short-term, I guess we can work around for the re-run of our African meetup by the host

                      • auto-muting participants on entry (which we set)
                      • disallow participants to unmute themselves (which we missed)

                      The chat functionality can only be enabled/disabled on an account level, afaik, hence we'll ask the participants to simply ignore if it's abused again. Otherwise, we can use it for Q&A.

                      That should set us up for an undisrupted re-run (proposed title: "HL#1.1 - Resilience edition" (wink) )

                      1. Hi

                        I agree around registration, no big deal

                        I have attend couple of Zoom conference that invite got send via mail and on RSVP Zoom link get issued

                        Meetup does the same, at least I think it did, Zoom link was only send on RSVP

                        But mainly all Zoom lock down functions need to be set, before opening call

                        Also speakers need to call in beforehand to test Audio/Bandwidth (15min before)

                      2. "HL#1.1 - Resilience edition" I like that (big grin)

                      3. Gerhard Dinhof – Good idea about adding this topic to the next Monthly organizer's meeting.  And the plan for a re-run of this meetup sounds good.  Let me know when the group is thinking of doing this and we can set it up with the setting changes we want to go with.

  21. Idowu Akinde , Oumar FALL , Uchenna Ogbonna , Joubert Cilliers

    Since we got a second chance, we propose to revisit our sessions. Running through the decks it's highly unlikely, each session can make it at a 20-25min cut-off without rushing through or skipping slides.

    Uchen, we might consider deleting slides 2,3,4, 11 (because of Q&A after both sessions) - time-wise this looks good

    Oumar, too ambitious to get through all of it. Proposal: What about splitting into 2 parts (ie 2 meetups) and stopping after slide 14, dedicating another session solely to the transaction flow. What do you think?

    1. Morning Team

      Agree with Gerhard Dinhof regarding slides (Time management)

    2. I'm open to that (trim the slides)...

      1. Up to you, Oumar. In the curriculum we teach to universities, those two topics are covered in two individual sessions, each 1h min, hence I thought it might be overwhelming for the audience. Rather give them some time to ask questions... 

    3. Thursday, June 18th is free to grab - would you agree to lock it in?

      1. Gerhard Dinhof – That day works for me.  Let me know what time and I'll get a Zoom room set up.

        And let me know what settings we want to set up (not counting disabling screen annotations since we've already disabled that in general).  For instance, do we want to set up a registration page for this event?

      2. June 18th also works for me. We should also agree on a time when this date gets accepted by all of us.

      3. Oumar FALL , Idowu Akinde - are you happy with Thu, June 18th?

        Proposing the usual time 7pm EAT / 6pm CAT / 5pm WAT

        cc Uchenna Ogbonna

        1. Yes, yes, yes.

          Apologies that my comments are coming a bit late. I've been seeing the notifications but haven't been able to take action on them.

          I guess so far, we're looking good for 5pm WAT today?

    4. I agree with you on that. I think i will just go straight to the Supply Chain Efficiency slides and skip the whole Hyperledger introduction.

      1. Awesome... would you mind updating your slides and uploading them, please? → 

        1. I have uploaded the updated slides Gerhard. Kindly confirm the changes.


  22. Hi Team

    Are we now set on 18th June 7pm EAT / 6pm CAT / 5pm WAT ?

    I will re post invite on Meetup groups

    1. We are set! You can communicate on the date and the time.

    2. I'm fine with that day and time, although I will point out that I think we need at least a full week to promote an event so there may not be that many people who learn about this and dial-in on Thursday.  In the future I would encourage you to schedule out far enough so we can have an event page posted at least a week in advance.  It's fine to have a page up without all of the event details in it and you can add more details in as the event gets closer.

      And for the event this time, let's go with a registration page so we get people's emails.  That might deter people from dropping in and trying to cause disruptions.  I set up a registration page that you can use on the event listings at:

      For the call, I'll start it as host and will be there to help out if there are any issues.

      And when the event pages are posted, please let me know so I can share that out.

      1. Awesome. Thanks David Boswell.

        Just a thought: do you want to designate one or two persons as your co-hosts so that you have additional hands on standby with the administrative privileges to help out in the event of another incident? In addition, they would automatically become host (rather than a random participant) if something were to happen (hopefully not) to your connection as the singular host.

        If Gerhard Dinhofand Joubert Cilliersdon't mind, I nominate them. 

        1. HI Idowu AkindeGerhard Dinhof

          I like to offer to assist but cant guarantee that I will be able to join intime

          I have a meeting that most likely will over run this afternoon, and rather not offer my help if I will be late to start

          I will join soon as I am done with meeting

          1. Ok, Joubert Cilliers, that's fine.

            We'll take care of business.

        2. Idowu Akinde – that's a good suggestion and a smart move to have a backup.  Gerhard Dinhof and Joubert Cilliers – I believe each of you has the Zoom host key from earlier meetups, so you are welcome to use that to claim host as needed or if I do drop off for some reason.  If you don't have the host key, let me know and I can resend.

  23. We should have an instant messaging system for faster coordination. I'm ready and set! May we get in the meeting 5 mn earlier?

    1. Oumar FALL – Yes, a chat channel for Hyperledger Africa is a good idea.  Hyperledger regional chapters have a mailing list and chat channel set up so that they have a place to communicate and we can do that for Hyperledger Africa if that is something that you and the other meetup organizers want to do.  That could be something we work through as a group after this meetup.  As we've talked about before, the next step is to define goals and activities for an Africa chapter and document those on the wiki.

  24. Hello all,

    I'm on the Zoom call now. There are 2 guests present.

  25. → org page for the next meetup: HL Africa #2 - TBD

  26. uploaded the chat conversation to the google drive: 

    let's please clean up the folder (there are different versions of some presentations) before we share the link on the pages and future Wiki-Repository for past meetups

    1. Gerhard, would you rename the folder from "HL1_2020-06-11" to something like "HLAf_2020-06"?

      1. Oumar FALL Great idea. perhaps even "HL_Africa_2020_June"...

        1. Well spotted, eagle eyes. (smile) Renamed to HL Africa #1 - 2020-06: 

          1. Hahaha... 

            If you don't mind Gerhard Dinhof , could you share how to retrieve the Chat Transcripts from a Zoom meeting like you did above?

            Thank you.

    2. If you're going to share a link to the presentations with your meetup groups, feel free to also share out the link to the recording on YouTube and to a tweet I just posted about the video.

      I'm really glad that things went smoothly today and that the group is planning for regular monthly meetups going forward.

  27. Hey guys,

    I stumbled on Zoom's official documentation for managing language interpretation and multiple languages in meetings, here:,Automatically%20next%20to%20Meeting%20ID.

    I thought it might be useful reading for us with respect to our aspirations for supporting the French-speaking community in Africa going forward.

    1. Idowu Akinde – That's really cool.  Thanks for sharing.  I didn't realize that Zoom had an interpretation feature.  If we'd like to try this out on the next meetup we can see how it works and then share with other meetup organizers if it works well.

      1. Very well. Acknowledged.