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Hyperledger is committed to creating a safe and welcoming community for all. For more information please visit our Code of Conduct: 2020 02 07 DWG Agenda


  1. Release status: Pam/Joe
    1. Fabric 2.x (from Contributor's meeting)
      1. Ledger Checkpoint archive & prune
      2. BFT support for ordering service
      3. Go Pkg for Chanel Config
      4. fabric contract-apigo@2.0.0
      5. fabric-sdk-node@2.0.0-beta.3
      6. fabric-sdk-go
      7. Ledger-api
  2. Status of doc translations. Chinese is now published for release-1.4:
  3. Documentation copyrights.
  4. Style Guide
  5. Dynamic variable replacement to docs (& add to Style Guide)

  6. Commercial paper tutorial updates
  7. New Deployment Guide status
  8. MSP Key Concept status (Pam) -
  9. Chris Gabriel demo on Fabric CA, containers and Kubernetes


  1. Release Status
    1. Archive and pruning discussed
    2. BFT discussion started in detail
    3. golang Contract API in good shape
    4. Fabric SDK and Ledger SDK progress
    5. 1.4.5 will be released this month
    6. 2.1 April indication. Content will start to be listed soon for 2.1
    7. LTS strategy for V2.x under discussion
  2. Language docs
    1. Chinese language docs now available
    3. Thanks to Rich Zhao and team!
    4. Paves the way for other languages
  3. Copyrights - Pam
    1. Relatively simple task
  4. Style guide - Joe
    1. PR getting ready:
    2. will now evolve
  5. Aligning version mapping in docs - Pam
    1. Use new tag BRANCH {BRANCH}

    2. will point to corresponding version
    3. totally eliminate manual work
    4. see
  6. Commercial paper tutorial updates – Nik
    1. Working with Matthew White
    2. Moving from basic to test network
    3. Updates to tutorial
    4. Will use SDK 2.0 etc
    5. Getting closer!
  7. New Deployment Guide status- Joe
    1. See 
    2. Lots of input from various sources
    3. Elaborate and expound different categories
    4. Consider subtopics and overall lifecycle/structure diagram
    5. Structure is important to reveal at a high level
    6. Significant, positive, discussion on this. 
    7. Excellent starting point!
  8. Preview of CA work next week!
    1. Pam has been doing a lot of work in that space
    2. Example shown from Chris
    3. SDK discussion on CA interaction
    4. Chris will do demo later – all long hand to explain from user point of view
    5. Chris will collaborate with Pam
  9. Remaining items to next week!

Video of this week's session at: Recordings

Upcoming reports


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