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  • Review of current issues in the the Multi-Project Kanban Board for Transact. The following stories were discussed:
  • Open PRs & RFCs
    • Two PRs (associated with the stories noted above) concern moving transact to be more cloud friendly. Redis and Postgres support is included. LMBD can cause problems on some deployments. Initial Redis support is up in a PR behind an experimental feature flags. We need to write up how experimental features get moved to stable. Redis support does not currently cursors. (Peter)
    • The open PR for Transact Governance should be looked at, maybe ready to propose final comment period. (Mark) 
  • Open Forum
    • We are going to start using lib transact in lib sawtooth soon. There is an initial PR in sawtooth-core for this. We also need to start thinking about whether it makes sense to move Sabre into transact. This is encouraged by the simplified smart contracts we are working on. (Shawn)
    • Is there a document about Transact (Arun)
      • We have been focusing on the crate/rust documentation for Transact (Shawn)
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