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Wednesday, August 21st 2019

  • Discuss 0.3 Release
    • truffle support and work for it
    • contract to contract invocation
      • motivated by feedback from users.
  • ongoing/new work
    • asynchronous events / event watching in fab3
    • consolidate evmcc code and fabric and separate their respective dependencies
      • motivated by being able to package the evmcc more easily using the SDKs
    • update dependencies
      • burrow 0.27 with wasm support
      • dep 0.5.4
      • anything else?
  • future work
    • suggestions?
  • Please give feedback on new changes in rocketchat fabric-chaincode-evm
  • Meeting Recording: HyperledgerFabricChaincodeEVMCommunityMeeting-2019-08-21.m4a

Wednesday, July 17th 2019

  • No meeting. Swetha & Morgan are traveling and cannot make the meeting time.
  • 3 changes submitted for truffle support.
  • Downstream truffle changes by truffle folks to support EVM-chaincode.
  • Announce later.

Wednesday, June 19th 2019

Intro / New Faces

Outstanding Changes Needing Review

Discussion Topics

  1. Restructuring of EVMCC to separate EVMCC code from Fab3 as well as dependencies
  2. Current status / attention of Swetha & Morgan.
  3. minimal changes for basic truffle E2E
    1. 2 small changes, one more involved change that conflicts with #1, restructuring
  4. Anything Else
  5. fabtoken info - delayed from 2.0
  6. evm gas limit hit by some users
    1. should make a Jira for this
    2. make it stored on the chaincode, use a transaction to change the value, thus all users of an instance must agree, etc
  7. Burrow v0.26.2 release
    1. mentions a bug that has been fixed in the evm.

Meeting Recording: 2019-06-19_FabricEVMCommunityCall

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