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  • Updates
    • Multi-Project Kanban Board on Hyperledger JIRA (Mark)
      • Reviewed the active Grid stories on the board with particular emphasis on the recently completed Grid Product RFC and Grid Primitives stories
      • Indicated the issues that are currently marked as "Help-Wanted" in the Grid backlog view
    • Grid RFCs and PRs
      • The Grid Catalog RFC is currently in progress
  • Open Forum
    • When is the initial product ready release coming? (Kumaravel)
      • There is a lot of stuff in progress and actively being worked on and I don't think I could give a date at this time. (Mark)
    • What is the Hyperledger marketing process when something is going to be released? (Matt)
      • Project Teams can coordinate with the HL marketing team when they have a targeted date for release. Often, the announcements of a release will be supported by a featured blog, and mentions and promotions done on social media (such as Twitter). There may also be other marketing options available. (Mark)
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