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  • Review of the Multi-Project Kanban Board for Transact (Mark)
    • Reviewed active items on kanban board for Transact (Mark)
      • A new RFC for Governance will be written that describes the governance process that will be used for Transact (similar to that used for other projects). (Ryan)
      • Explanation of the RFCs in progress: (Shawn)
        • Mulit-Database RFC: The purpose of the RFC is to allow a smart contract in transact to read from multi-database (only write to one)
        • Command Family RFC: The purpose of this RFC is to provide a command transaction family, which exercises all of the available operations as specified in transactions directly and from the client side
      • Other Stories in Progress: (Shawn)
        • Implement ZMQ ExecutionAdapter: Implement an ExecutionAdapter that provides support for transaction handlers over ZMQ.  This should allow Sawtooth transaction processors to connect to a transact-backed instance.
  • Open Forum
    • There is now a PR in the Sabre Repo to to add scar files (smart contract archives). This will be useful when the smart contract has multiple files. (Shawn)
    • For how to contribute, as mentioned in rocketchat, creating more test code examples will be helpful (Shawn)
      • I will work on providing test code (Swetha)
        • For what you are working on, make use the transact_contrib repo for a place to commit work in progress. (Shawn)
    • Are there any good, basic resources for learning Rust? (Swetha)
      • “Too Many Lists” is good (Shawn)
      • “The Official Rust Book” is good as well as the app, “Play.Rust.Lang” bhy the Rust Lang team. (Peter)
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