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Planned topics:

  • Project updates
  • Indy performance testing
  • Open Discussion

Connection Info

The call takes place over Zoom here

Reminder to the host: we plan to record this call.




Hyperledger is committed to creating a safe and welcoming community for all. For more information please visit our Code of Conduct: Hyperledger Code of Conduct

All activities should be conducted in accordance with the Antitrust Policy found here.


Nathan GeorgeSovrin
Daniel BluhmSovrin
Markus SabadelloDanube
Steven Gubler


  • BC Gov is interested in formally collaborating with groups with working Mobile Agents. Expected signing of MOU by August 6, 2019 
    • From the #aries channel: The folks from the BC gov VON ( team, would like to share an opportunity with members of open communities to work with us to do some focused collaboration around mobile agent, Aries agents and aries-cloudagent-python interoperability. We have a pilot production service planned for a significant professional accreditation organization within our province coming up in the fall. This pilot has a requirement for mobile agents to be able to hold and offer verifiable credentials issued and verified by services operating instances of aries-cloudagent-python. Details are in this Open Collaboration MOU: 
  • Other Announcements

Working Group Reports

  • Main Identity WG
    • Rehash of the Implementers call and open discussion
  • Hyperledger Indy
    • No meeting this week due to scheduling errors, but there will be a US Afternoon call this coming Monday.
    • Next meeting: 2019-08-19 Indy Maintainers Call (new pack/unpack vs old msg pack, 
    • working on a bugfix release between indy-node and indy-sdk by the end of the month
    • view change protocol change
    • Proof of Possession of a Payment Address added
    • Endorsing a 3rd party transaction support
    • For details see the video in Evernym Sprint Demos
  • Indy Semantics WG
    • Review of progress on Rich Schemas effort
      • Node code is making good progress, working on strategies for threading models in the SDK
      • indy-resolver POC for a synchronous threading model
      • reviewing performance testing metrics going forward to understand the consequences of any changes
      • Went through data model that Paul, Robert and JanL are working on for consent collection.
  • Hyperledger Aries
    • Both working group calls this week
    • Threading model for Aries and how to split it up and back and forth non previous experience
      • About six different takes on how the split will happen, reconciliation and mechanics of making it happen are evolving
    • DIF interop project involvement (the Aries project seems to be the most active on enterprise implementation)
      • Hope to influence credential exchange protocol across multiple projects
    • Discussed DID resolution spec issues
    • What needs to get done before IIW in six weeks (demos and prep needed to advance the community discussion)
  • Hyperledger Ursa
    • Working on new ZKP techniques for zmix
    • packaging to make ZMix more consumable (Ubuntu and RedHat packaging)
    • Streamlining things for Anoncreds 2.0
    • 0.2 release "coming soon" (target date to be announced "real soon now")
  • Sovrin Network updates and extensions
  • Sovrin Governance Frameworks and Trust Architecture
    • New revision of Transaction Author Agreement with Data Processor Addendum will be discussed in August 28 meeting.
    • New TAA should be more friendly internationally.
  • W3C Verifiable Credentials and DID updates
    • VC Data Model specification in its second CR period ending on the 21st
    • Push to send for proposed rec vote after that
    • Lots of work on the test suite, with some  difficulties in the JWT parts of the test suite
    • Implementation guide work now ongoing to have ready at the same time the data model spec goes to vote
    • Effort to wrap up use cases document also underway
    • The  DID specification charter is being voted on to become a standards-track working group – if you org can vote, please support the charter
    • Hope to form the DID WG prior to TPAC in September
    • Proposed charter for DID WG:

    • DID Final Community Group Report:

  • Interop and External updates
    • Michael Herman has a project update
      • DID server project (identity platform based on C# core .NET DNS Server implementation)
        • youtube webcast available soon

Topics and Demos

Report from Blackhat - Steve McCown

Performance testing in Indy - Vladimir Shishkin (Evernym)

GitLab CI/CD Migration update - Steven Gubler

Open Discussion (Future Topics)

Next Meeting Topics

Future Topics

  • Roadmap coordination between projects?

Action items


Call Recording

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