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  • Welcome (Mark)
  • Review of the Multi-Project Kanban Board for Transact (Mark)
    • Reviewed currently active stories for Transact. Pointed out the set-up for the Transact RFC repo and two pending RFCs for "Write for RFC Command Family" and "Write Multi-database RFC for Transact".
      • Is there a PR or something for TX-51? (Dan)
        • There is a PR for part of it (PR 3) and we will have another RFC for governance that will be pulled from the other repos like we have done before. (Shawn)
  • Open Forum
    • There has been interest in working on GO bindings and code for batch building. We are going to request a repo for transact-sdk-go as a place to start working on that. We will need this for fabric support. (Shawn)
    • I just came back from Hyperledger Member Submit, there was a lot of good feedback about Transact. Lots of positivity. (Dan)
      • Any interest from the projects not already interested in Transact (Grid, Sawtooth, Fabric)? (Shawn)
        • Hard to tell because of the audience of the meeting (Dan)
          • We also have some interest from an external project from Hyperledger. (Shawn)
    • Bitwise IO is integrating Transact into other projects with the use of Sabre. We are working on the ZMQ adaptor which will give use compatibility with all of the existing transaction processor and also lets us explore multi-language pieces. (Shawn)

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