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  • Updates
    • Multi-Project Kanban Board on Hyperledger JIRA
      • Overview of board (Mark)
        • Are we still trying to figure out what primitives we want to include? (Matt)
          • No, the primitives we want to use are already included in the RFC. (Peter)
    • Grid Product RFC and related development
      • The initial smart contract implementation has been merged, finishing up the remaining Docker file work and rust native implementation (Adeeb)
      • The rust native implementation PR is getting pretty large. Should I break a part the smart contract unit tests into its own PR. (Raph)
        • Sure, the first PR should include the native rust implementation and the unit tests for the implementation and then a follow up PR can be put up to add the smart contract unit tests. (Andi)
  • Open Forum
    • I am thinking about working on the Grid Catalog RFC. How should we handle the design discussion? (Adeeb)
      • Let's create a story in JIRA to start working on defining the use case. (Mark)
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