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  •  Housekeeping
  • General Announcements
    • Hyperledger Finserv Workshop
    • New maintainers!! 
  • Release updates
    • NOTE docs release process change for docusaurus - requires a PR (not just a github release)
    •  23.10.1 is out - optional update 
  • Work Updates
    • Bonsai everywhere planning
      • Archive-friendly Bonsai mode
      • BFT Testing
    • Modular consensus working group prodding
  • Other Business
    • Proposal: Discord Server Pub/Priv Channel Split - unanimous at this stage for the "besu enterprise" channel name
      • "besu-enterprise" as a great name for private/enterprise use-cases
      • Landed on two recommendations in Matt N's comment on the proposal above 
    • DEBUG Log Improvement Proposal - reminder about this one, looking for feedback. If no major objections will make it a policy and continue submitting PRs to make our current logging conform.
  • Open Forum
    • Renata Toktar - Presentation on Indy
      • Feedback on Besu
        • Verification keys → using Ethereum 1 keys with a huge amount of signatures (performance issue on EthSigner?) 
        • Limits for amount of data in smart contracts
        • Docs were really good for setting up the network 
          • Spent some time developing specific scripts for local setup, making certain things configurable 
        • Performance usage on big Objects in Besu 
          • Load tests → will share results later on 
  • Future Topics
    • /add item/


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