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  •  Housekeeping
  • General Announcements
    • Logo Discussion -
      • No issues among maintainers - looks fine 
  • Release updates
    • NOTE docs release process change for docusaurus - requires a PR (not just a github release)
    • 23.7.x series - trialling releasing from a release branch per - (RFC) Reprise: Release Candidates from Main For Every Release
      • (Incorporates both Proposal: Quarterly releases from main by default AND Proposal: Avoid Cherry-Picked Releases)
      • (from Simon) This did not work well for 23.7.3-RC, hopefully Gary has enough context to discuss the issues, but the main ones were:
      • NOTES ON CALL:
        • Good:
          • Can merge to main
          • Good squash/commit history
          • Can easily abort release candidates that fail and does not create candidate docker images that users may pick up by accident 
        • Bad:
          • Different SHAs for cherry picks, more fraught history
          • Need admin to disable branch protection rules for new release branches 
        • Only Gary and Simon have used this release process 
        • Human required process needs to identify which SHA commit we start the release from 
        • Need work around automation and process itself 
        • 23.10.0 -
          • Should take this into the automation realm → iterating on scripts for release automation 
        • Fabio would like to try this process on next release 
        • We will pilot this release process before making it official - perhaps in 24.1.0 
    • 23.7.3-RC release update from Ameziane - Memory usage investigations on 23.7.3-RC
      • PLAN FROM CALL: 
        • Check with Danno RE required release timeline for Swirld's Labs
          • If needed within a week: cherry pick on 23.7.3 for a .4 release
          • Otherwise, include in 23.10.0 and begin burn-in on Friday after code freeze 
    • Enterprise Releases proposal -  - NOTES BELOW: 
      • Starting point → Release candidate is cut and socialized with ALL contributor groups 
      • RCs can be tested within any organizations environment and with their own testing suite and then results are socialized
        • Socializing RCs for parties in the #besu-release channel 
        • Normal time-bound is Friday → Wed/Thurs of the following week 
        • Agreement on results can pause a release → This is probably where we need the most consensus among maintainers
      • Extension of acceptance tests for private / permissioned chains ?
      • Need to iron out what process may be used for private chains (Kaleido action item, perhaps) 
      • Need to ensure we are marrying up use-case distributions work discussed previously (modularity) with an interim strategy here 
      • Consider docker and kubernetes setups and other cloud environments, perhaps 
    • Defaults:
      • Snap, Bonsai, and Archive 
      • Private networks do care about these features and will need to understand what will be the impact to their networks 
  • Work Updates
    • Cancun
      • devnet 9 - already started, besu is contributing with a minor stake. encountering proposal problems still being debugged.
      • hive tests relevant to devnet 9 are all passing but 4, 1 of those is pending update from test authors.
  • Other Business
    • Proposal: Discord Server Pub/Priv Channel Split - unanimous at this stage for the "besu enterprise" channel name
      • "besu-enterprise" as a great name for private/enterprise use-cases
      • Landed on two recommendations in Matt N's comment on the proposal above 
    • [ACCEPTED] DEBUG Log Improvement Proposal - reminder about this one, looking for feedback. If no major objections will make it a policy and continue submitting PRs to make our current logging conform.
  • Open Forum
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  • Future Topics
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