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  • Update on Sovrin Node pipeline
  • Transition of indy-node from RC to final - branch comparisons
  • Open Discussion

Recording of Call:


20230103 Indy Contributors Call Recording.mp4

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Meeting Topics 

  • Sovrin Node build
    • Past the pipeline in indy-test-automation
    • Two tests failing, but they aren't part of the check for the change.
    • Philipp is on vacation and ready to go
    • Remaining:
      • Finishing integration
      • Publishing the artifact for Sovrin – Indy Plenum/Node done, Sovrin Plugins done, so just the Sovrin Node left to go
      • RC releases as soon as end of next week! Perhaps a first node deployed by the next meeting!!!!!!!!
  • Transition of indy-node from RC to final
    • About 2/3 of the way through branch comparisons of the main indy-node portion
    • Mostly there have not been significant differences discovered, except for in the following places:
      • data/migrations/deb
      • indy_node/server/request_handlers/domain_req_handlers
  • Other Topics