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Interest in Ursa is growing with 10+ attendees at the biweekly meeting with many more asking questions on the #ursa channel in Rocket.Chat and the ursa mailing list. Version 0.1 release is expected by end of March.  We have a quite diverse group of maintainers and contributors, and both of these numbers are trending upward.  We hope and anticipate that this will continue as we push to support more Hyperledger DLT platforms.


Biggest Our biggest concern right now is getting a CI/CD pipeline going.  Sovrin has created their own for Ursa for testing the features pertinent to them. Still no word on   We still need to figure out a preferred location for artifact delivery either.


First release since incubation Our first release (v0.1) is expected by end of March.


We have contributors and maintainers primarily associated with both Indy and Sawtooth.  We are actively looking for contributors with deep knowledge of Fabric and Iroha.  If this is you, and you are interested, please join us!

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