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  •  Phase 1: Starting the Caliper GUI project
    •  Basic Web UI design ideas;
    •  Basic visualization charts for metrics;
    •  Network graph visualization;
    •  Consented JSON format input for Caliper visualization GUI.
  •  Phase 2: Designing the initial model for the Caliper GUI
    •  Interactive UI with React.js;
    •  Real-time visualization functionalities.
  •  Phase 3: Integrating the visualization with the Caliper GUI
    •  Integration scripts for Caliper-core, Caliper-CLI, and Caliper GUI.
    •  (TBD) Helper functions for integration with Node.js.
  •  Phase 4: Refining project
    •  Documentation for integration and usage of Caliper GUI.
    •  (TBD) Configuration files upload functionalities for framework testing with Hyperledger Caliper GUI:
    •  Adding functionalities that allow users to easily test their results by dragging configuration files of different Hyperledger framework networks in to the Caliper GUI, and get visualization and reports by a few simple clicks.
  •  Phase 5: Finalizing and summary
    •  Presentation PowerPoints for Caliper GUI project.
    •  Demonstration for the functionality of Caliper GUI.