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  • Taxonomy for smart contracts in every day scenarios
  • White Paper about smart contracts and the respected aspects concerning their usage
  • Survey the state of the art and academic content 
  • Performance of smart contracts across the different HL DLT frameworks
  • Identifying use cases, case studies
  • Find practical ways to connect stuff 'out there' with things we could use within our implementations
  • Exploring security, privacy, legal boundaries
  • Proposing solutions to the problems identified
  • Produce 'Requests To Build' that could feed into feature planning on the different Hyperledger frameworks
  • Identifying conferences or other opportunities to connect face to face


An indicative list of Work Products

Blockchain 3.0 Smart Contracts in e-Government 3.0 Applications [Published 11 October 2019]

Smart Contracts Taxonomy [REVIEW]

Smart Contracts Law 101

What is a Smart Contact? (WIP)


Whitepaper - Interoperability Supported by Smart Contracts in Hyperledger Framework

Smart Contracts Business and Use Cases (DRAFT)

Smart Contracts Business and Use Cases

Supply Chain Smart Contracts

Language Review (WIP)



Smart Contracts Annotated Bibliography (WIP)

Grants Management Use Case (WIP)

Bicycle Supply Chain structure - Use Case [DRAFT]