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  • Stephen Curran – Cloud Compass Computing, Inc., ACA-Py Maintainer, Aries RFC Maintainer
  • Daniel Hardman - SICPA, Aries RFC Maintainer
  • Timo Glastra - Animo Solutions, Aries Framework JavaScript Maintainer, ACA-Py Contributor
  • Ian Costanzo - Anon Solutions, Indy SDK Contributor, ACA-Py Contributor, AATH Contributor
  • Troy Ronda - SecureKey, Aries Framework Go Maintainer, TSC member
  • Tomislav Markovski - Trinsic, Aries Framework NET Contributor, Indy SDK Contributor
  • Daniel Bluhm - Indicio, Aries Static Agent - Python Maintainer, Aries Toolbox Contributor, APTS Contributor, ACA-Py Contributor
  • Steve McCown  - Anonyome Labs, Aries Contributor, Identity Implementers WG Moderator
  • Sam Curren- Indicio, Aries Toolbox Maintainer, Aries RFC Maintainer, ACA-Py Contributor
  • Keith Smith - IBM, Aries Protocol Test Suite Maintainer, Indy SDK contributor
  • Ajay Jadhav- AyanWorks, Aries Framework JS Contributor
  • Nathan George - Kiva Microfunds, Aries Maintainer
  • Robert Mitwicki- Human Colossus Foundation, Aries Contributor

Project Structure

There are four key types of open source elements in the Hyperledger Aries project, as outlined below.