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This is an implementation of the emissions data channels from the Operating System for Climate Action.

A Demo

Widget Connector

This project calculates the emissions impact of activities, for example shipping and travel, from the Supply Chain Decarbonization.

The Use Case

  • User (could be a company or an individual) uploads their activities data to calculate their emissions impact.
  • User pays a fee for the audit into a treasury.
  • One or more Auditors reviews the activities data.
  • Auditor may interact with the User to get additional information.
  • Auditor calculates Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions from the activities data based on published emissions factors.
  • Auditor issues a token on the Emissions Tokens Network for the emissions or declines to issue based on problems with the activities data from the User.
  • In either case, the Auditor is paid from the treasury.

The Auditor could be a single entity, chosen randomly from several trusted entities on the network.  Or it could be several entities reviewing the activities data together.  If there are several auditors reviewing the data, the final result could be weighted based on reputation tokens of the Auditors, or it could be a vote through a DAO such as the Decarbonization DAO.

The Auditors could in turn be reviewed by a wider community, who would award reputation tokens based on the quality of their work.


This process could be implemented either in Hyperledger Fabric for an enterprise solution (performance, security, and scalability) or using encrypted IPFS for transferring data through Solidity smart contracts (cheap and simple), either on a public Ethereum-compatible network or permissioned Hyperledger Besu. 

Emissions Data are Not Tokens

The emissions data are not tokens and not meant for transactions.  The emissions data can be used to create a token which is suitable for transaction as part of the Emissions Tokens Network.  For example, the emissions data from a full month or several months could be used to create a token.  The token may require that the emissions data used covers enough of the time period, and that there are no overlaps of emissions data.

To prevent double counting, we will not allow emissions records for the same utility customer in overlapping date ranges on the channel.

Get Involved

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Get Involved

This is an open source project and anyone is welcome to get involved and we will be happy to see you contribute.

1) Start by subscribing to the Climate SIG mailing list for updates and meeting notifications.

2) Join our bi-monthly Peer Programming Zoom call for developers on Mondays at 9 AM US Pacific time (UTC-07:00 America/Los Angeles.) Please check the calendar for the next call

3) Check out the good first issues from our blockchain-carbon-accounting in Hyperledger-labs and feel free to contribute a fix for one that looks interesting to you.

4) See our How to Contribute page for other ways how you could get involved.