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  • Problems with RBFT replicas:
  • Recent performance tests:
  • Bug with Audit ledger history:
  • Evaluating Plenum
    • Pros versus other ledgers
    • Improvements we would like to make
    • Recent performance testing (increased batch size and write latency)
      • Other ledgers worry less about delays in confirmation for transaction writes to achieve higher scalability.
    • Top level Hyperledger Project?
    • Evaluating alternatives like Tendermint and Libra HotStuff
    • How can we recruit contributors from the Sovrin Steward community?
  • Timeline for deprecating Indy wrappers in favor of Aries contributions
    • Focus is on the Aries SDK, no longer on the Indy SDK
    • Moving too fast to deprecate will scare people trying to get started today, because there are no mature alternatives in Aries today.
      • Especially with the mobile wrappers.
        • .NET and Xamarin is used by Open Source Mobile Agent (OSMA), which works today.
        • Team at DIDx is struggling with React Native. Wants to open source a React Native app platform.
        • WebAssembly would be the most performant approach.
        • Problems with iOS and XCode:

      • is working on a plan for building on existing Aries today.