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One example.. Fabric 2.0 will allow for multiple implementations (in different languages even- so definitely not able to produce the same hash) of the same chaincode so long as they generate the same results (change set). FPC will still require that all chaincode be consistent and it will enforce this through the the  MAC+attestation. Really just needs to extend the Fabric metadata to make it work.


Q: what about GDPR? A: FPC might provide some  tools that would be helpful for addressing the requirements for GDPR (though complete solutions will not be purely technical)- maybe only if they miimic the PCC implementation of segregating private data  (right now it seems to  send encrypted data to all validators)

Q: what is the performance impact? A: not known, but target is "a few percent"

most of the speedups in fabric have been through sharding or scaling of specific components (see fastfabric,, accelerator, etc.) Integration of FPC into these solutions may  be acceptable as performance impact will be on a "speeded up" fabric...