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Expected topics:

  • Release updates
  • Rich schemas HIPE
  • Proposal for Fully Qualified DIDs in Indy SDK
  • Pack unpack versus msgpack
  • Ursa and AMCL
  • HIPEs
  • to improve performance of the Indy SDK CI test pipeline

Timezone: US afternoon and Asia morning


  • Name (organization) <email>
  • Richard Esplin(Evernym) <>


Summary of Prior Call

Release Status

  • Indy Node
    • Late July: 1.9.1
      • Bug fix release
        • Authors vs Endorsers (INDY-1999)
        • Public write access (INDY-2171)
    • August: 1.9.2
      • Bug fix release
    • September: 1.10.0
      • PBFT view change
  • Indy SDK
      Late July: 1.11.0
    • Usability improvements to Indy CLI and Payments (Sovrin Foundation and Evernym)
      • Requires concurrent release with libsovtoken
    • LibVCX without agency (Evernym)
    • Proof of possession of payment address – UNLIKELY
    • August:
      • Finish Authors vs Endorsers
      • Finish proof of possession of payment address
      • Platform Updates: Ubuntu 18.04
    • Future
      • Platfrom Updates: MacOS, CentOS
      • GitLab migration alongside Jenkins (Foundation)?Platform Updates (Evernym?)
      • Aries / Indy split
      • Anoncreds 2.0 (Sovrin Foundation,
  •  Ursa
    • July:  Working on release of 0.2.0
      • ZKP  / ZKLang improvements
      • Debian packages
      • Refactor internal plumbing for anoncreds 2.0, shouldn't impact external interfaces
      • MultiRefactor multi-signature BLS instead of in addition to aggregated signature
  •  Aries
    • Agent from Indy Catalyst migrated to aries-cloudagent-python (
    • Initial code migration from Indy SDK repositories
  • Indy Catalyst
    • Not migrated yetMigrated

Work Updates

  • Documentation improvements: Michael B and Stephen C
    • Need to review and prune out-of-date documentation (Alice / Faber treatment of pairwise DIDs is a key pain point)
    • Michael is working on Indy Agent walkthrough using C#
    • Finishing work on ReadTheDocs (2 more weeks?)
  • SDK 2.0 architecture / Indy-Aries split (Sergey)
  • Aries Working Group 2019-07-31-A
  • GitLab migration (Mike and Steve G)
    • Demo Demos in the Identity Implementers call?WG calls
    • Issues with Jenkins machines because Rust builds run out of memory—workaround increased build time but is a temporary solution
  • Advanced Schemas and W3C creds (Ken)
    • Can successfully write and retrieve the Context object from the node code. Will track through all layers up to Aries.
    • 5 additional objects need to be added.
  • Warnings from rust cargo clippy (Mike and Axel)
    • IS-1270 through IS-1274
  • New design for revocation / Anoncreds 2.0 (Mike)

Other Business

  • Accepting HIPE PR #138, Issue #144
  • Improving the performance of the Indy SDK CI pipeline: 
    serverHyperledger JIRA
  • Close PR as something that will be replaced by the advanced schema work?
    • Ken will review the work to see what we can learn.

Future Calls

  • Proposal for Fully Qualified DIDs
    • IS-451
    • IS-1358
    • Breaking change in order to go faster and avoid duplicated code?
  • New pack / unpack requires disclosure of recipient
    • Cannot hide the receiver of the message like we could with msg_pack
    • Allows having multiple recipients of the same message
    • Should list the drawback in the Aries-RFC? Is there an alternative way that preserves the capability to selectively disclose the recipient?
  • Ursa and AMCL
  • Accepting HIPE PR #138, Issue #144
  • Close PR 
  • Architecture questions for Indy SDK:
    Google Drive Live Link
    indy-sdk/pull/1048 as something that will be replaced by the advanced schema work?


  • d/1w_n8EztyLbNlRa3FfuuN8YXKUISYRfM5p_6ijIig6jk/edit#
  • PostgreSQL wallet to graduate from "experimental" status?
  • Maintainership requirements for Indy Node and Indy SDK
  • How to handle old pull requests that failed DCO Checks? Close?
  • How to handle pull requests for IOS / Swift wrappers? Close and encourage the move to Aries?
  • How to handle pull requests for LibVCX? Deprecate?
  • Maintainership requirements for Indy Node and Indy SDK
  • HIPE pull requests:

Action items

  •  Nathan (Daniel)
    • Set up alternate meeting hosts to record
  •  HIPE #138, Issue #144 (Ken and Brent)
    • Create a PR for changing status to ACCEPTED
    • Check for an Aries RFC

Call Recording