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    1. The PegaSys team has an engineering team of 26 full-time employees dedicated to Besu’s development.
    2. There are 28 external contributors outside of the PegaSys team with 111 contributions (as of July 31,20182019).
    3. There have been over 100 community-raised issues on the project since November 2018, when the project was launched. This demonstrates the engagement and excitement around the project.
    4. Dozens of companies building blockchain applications have tested out Besu, provided feedback, and demonstrated its useability for their application. There are several organizations that are deeply integrated in our stack, including web3 labs and iobuilders. These teams are major contributors using Pantheon and providing feedback on the codebase.


How Does Besu Submitting Align with Other Initiatives: As mentioned above, PegaSys and ConsenSys are already highly involved in the Ethereum community, including being active collaborators with the Ethereum Foundation and members of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. PegaSys knows how to work through standards across organizations because of this experience. This aligns with Hyperledger’s mission of driving coherence across the various blockchain platforms. ConsenSys also has contributors working on the Trusted Component project proposal which is also being submitted to the Hyperledger. The team is keen to continue this work within Hyperledger community.


PegaSys and ConsenSys believe submitting Besu to Hyperledger is an exciting proposition to both organizations and we hope you consider our proposed submission thoughtfully.

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