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  1. TSC meetings sync

    1. Feel free to comment the RFC - 2020 Contributor Support;
    2. Github Hyperledger org requires the 2FA (2-factor authentication) for each contributor, please enable that in your github account. Any issues, can contact
  2. Team development and Innovation (@Dijun Liu Zhangjiong Xuan , David Liu )

  3. Team i18n and Education (lidong guo )

    1. i18n work guideline

    2. Documentation translation progress 

  4. Team Collaboration and Scenarios (Dorothy Cheng Scott Long )

    1. Collection of blockchain use cases: China members and cases

    2. Call for HL member news, select to publish via official wechat account. Feel free to contact TWGC

    3. Call for translators to translate project related news and Hyperledger blogs 
  5. Team Event Organization (Jay Guo , Zhenhua Zhao )

    1. Meetup guideline

    2. Every meetup please be placed at the Team Event Organization, lack of this May's.
    3. Meetups for July.

      1. Shanghai: TBD

  6. Publish blogs/articles/notes?