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  1. New member welcome
    1. How to Contribute
  2. Opportunities to Participate
    1. Non-technical contribution opportunities
      1. The CA2SIG is seeking Marketing and Communications support.
    2. Technical contribution opportunities
  3. Presentation: The Climate Action and Accounting Special Interest Group is excited to host Or Katzman from the Lexicon for his presentation "Introducing the Ecological Benefit Framework"
    1. Climate change presents our planet with existential challenges. Biodiversity loss, desertification, and water scarcity should be of equal concern—they’re all connected. Instead of seeking singular solutions by working in silos—through carbon markets, ESG scores, SDGs, impact investments, and philanthropy—we must develop a holistic approach that channels our collective energies to achieve positive impacts where it matters most. The Ecological Benefits Framework was created and developed with an unprecedented collection of nearly 200 domain experts from across the globe. It is being adopted by a diverse set of actors. Investors and philanthropists have begun using it to classify their portfolio impacts; project developers have a new way to express the impacts they create; and web3 pioneers are developing a range of new digital assets.

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