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If the 2008 economic crisis is any indicator of the future, it led to the inception of Airbnb in 2008, Uber in 2009, WhatsApp in 2009, Groupon in 2008, Github in 2008, Slack in 2009, and many more. With the current pandemic and ongoing social trends, the discussion topics below are meant to serve as an idea generator on how blockchain technology may serve as an enabling technology for social good in these unpredictable times.

(Idea, using story of what the future could be?, dystopia)

Decentralized society is the co I mentioned that is working to reallocate food waste

  • Changing energy generation and consumption profiles Nancy Min
  • Identity – covid-tracking transitioning from tracking cases of COVID to tracking folks that have been immunized
  • Healthcare – hippa regulations, increased efficiency
  • Waste management – rewards management and contracts, PFAS Shawn Wilborne

Efficiently allocating resources


Immutable Governance

  • Voting
    • Wyoming voting challenge
  • Social Justice

Policy and regulatory implications - consortium governance especially inconsideration of scaling up