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  •  Hart Montgomeryto create a first draft of the quarterly report and everyone else to chime in as they see fit.  
  •  Peter Somogyvari to post a guide on how to do interactive rebase and history re-writing/arranging (RocketChat, email list,
  •  Hart Montgomery to send out first draft of maintainer's policy, Peter Somogyvari agreed to contribute to that specific things about git/code style, commit messages, etc (e.g. all of his pet peeves)
  •  Peter Somogyvari to put together the initial draft of version v0.2 (the list of things we want in there)
  •  Jonathan Hamilton to close the loop with the Linux Foundation regarding the meetup representation
  •  Peter Somogyvari to volunteer presenting at the San Francisco Hyperledger meetup
  •  Shingo Fujimoto is already scheduled to talk at the Tokyo Hyperledger meetup
  •  Jonathan Hamilton to initiate discussion about setting a new meeting on demand for Europe friendly time zones (discussion to be had on the mailing list)