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Releases at the Hyperledger Project are done according to the taxonomy. 1) In   In addition to the semantic versioning scheme, where we use MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH numbering, following the established guidance given in the semver specification, it is also strongly encouraged that projects should use the following tags, as permitted by semver:

  • preview

  • alpha

  • beta

  • rcN (release candidate N - where N is 1-n incremented for each candidate)

  • snapshot-<sha> for interim, possible unstable builds 2)


Not feature complete, but most functionality is implemented. Any missing functionality that is committed to the production release is identified, and there are specific people working on those features. Not heavily performance tuned, but performance testing has started with the first few hotspots identified and perhaps even addressed. No “highest priority” issues are in an open state. First-level developer documentation provided to help new developers with the learning curve.