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The scope of this working group is broadly around Diversity, Civility, and Inclusion in the Hyperledger open source community.  

Activities will include:*

  • Devising and implementing various ways to measure relevant attributes, such as demographics or employer diversity among contributors, and tone of communications.


  • Based on those metrics, generating recommendations to the TSC or to projects directly about how they might improve DCI.


  • If actions are taken to improve an area of DCI, attempt to measure the impact of those actions.

Work Products

Based on the prior months of exploring what aspects we could address, the group decided to focus on one area first, gender diversity and inclusion, and then learn from that experience to expand into other dimensions of DCI. We recognize there are many reasons to select one group or another as a place to start, and we have settled on this area after lengthy discussions of the circumstances, possible approaches, and not blocking on making progress from optimizing for perfection.  The experience with the 2018 TSC election having only men who were nominated also motivated the group to choose gender diversity as the initial focus. Further record of the group's progress towards this initial goal is captured in the Background and References section below. We also strongly welcome participation in this group from those who wish to focus their energy on developing the next round of DCI objectives.


  1. A measurement plan to baseline the community.
  2. Gender diversity and inclusion recommendations to the TSC.
    1. A reworked mentor/menteeship plan for 2020
      1. Shifting engagement and marketing plan to include attending job fairs, marketing on handshake, and direct marketing to universities through local meetups. Concentrating on universities with a more diverse pool of potential mentees.
      2. Shifting mentor/menteeship categories from 100% coding related to some mix of coding and non-coding projects to broaden the appeal variety of opportunity to appeal to the most possible people.
    2. A reworked community engagement plan for 2020
      1. Splitting speaking/panel/booth time opportunities from 100% RFP to some mix of RFP and invite-only to shift the sample set to reflect what we want in the outcome.
      2. Criteria for selecting community members and projects as candidates for the invite-only slots in our community-sourced opportunities.

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