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The community has already taken some steps to improve DCI, such as creating and using the All Are Welcome Here slide, focusing on increasing geographic and gender diversity in the 2019 mentorship program and more (existing actions could be documented more).  Work products from the WG will build on those existing actions and will include new actions that address DCI issues identified as areas of improvement by the WG.

Based on the prior months of exploring what aspects we could address, the group decided to focus on one area first, gender diversity and inclusion, and then learn from that experience to expand into other dimensions of DCI. We recognize there are many reasons to select one group or another as a place to start, and we have settled on this area after lengthy discussions of the circumstances, possible approaches, and not blocking on making progress from optimizing for perfection. [TODO: verbiage about 2018 TSC election motivating this initial group.]  We also welcome participation from those who wish to focus their energy on other related aspects.

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