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  1.  Signature structure and types:
    1. "Simple" Signatures:  KeyGen, Sign, Verify.
    2. Blind Signatures.  KeyGen, Blind, Sign, (Blinded Sign?), Unblind, Verify.
    3. Threshold Signatures.  KeyGen (more complicated), SignShare, Combine, Verify.
      1. Multi-round threshold signature.  Can have extra definition for interactive protocols.  
      2. Can have multiple types of KeyGen.  
    4. Multisignatures.  Multiple signers have signed THE SAME message.
    5. Aggregate signatures.  Multiple signers have signed potentially different messages.
    6. Short group signatures.  Need precise definitions.
  2. How should we handle MPC and communication?
    1. Secure channel operations.  How about ratcheting?
    2. Example:  ECDSA.
  3. Question about new Zcash curves (Mike).
    1. A:  we haven't read the paper yet.
  4. Question about BBS+ FFI implementation and API (Mikaela).
    1. Not going to change the API.
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