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  1. Going over PRs
    1. Brent added a test.
    2. Adding a convenience method for the challenge hash.  More possibly in the works on this later.
    3. Focus on these before the pairings plus PR
  2. Brief discussion over Ethereum/Diogenes efforts–good for us to follow code review best practices.
  3. Understanding the PCP theorem at a high level.
    1. Brief comments
  4. Understanding R1CS and the fundamentals of SNARKs.
    1. First thing:  understand non-succinct ZKs for general circuit satisfiability
    2. Groth-Sahai
    3. Arithmetic circuits
  5. TODO:  we will pick out a paper for understanding ZK stuff.  Everyone will read it and we will discuss it at the meeting.  Suggestion:  Groth-Sahai 07.
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