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  1.  Introductions for new people, including James.  
  2. Brent will be around less, unfortunately, due to Evernym status.
  3. Some issues with Cargo causing builds to break.
  4. Mike L found a very easy way to wrap Rust code for Node.js.  Since lots of people want Node.js crypto implementations, this could be very useful.
  5. Some discussion of using Ursa vs. Aries.  We should push people that want to use higher-level functionalities (i.e. credentials) to Aries and not Ursa, since Aries already wraps Ursa functionality safely in this case and it is hard to get right for non-experts.
    1. Aries needs to make it obvious that people can do less work by using it instead of Ursa.
  6. Nathan:  separate between tier 1 and tier 2 wrappers based on maintainer work.
  7. Consensus:  we should have a wrapper RFC.
  8. Hash to curve discussion:
    1. Can we make the hash to curve code extensible?
    2. Some technical discussion about cofactor optimizations
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